Tensei Kenja – 163


The dragon sounded confused.

Apparently, it was unusual for humans to learn magic through reading books.

Well, who knew if this dragon even knew that much about what was normal for humans.


‘Yeah. Like, there was one called ‘Magic Book on the Annihilation of the Soul.’’


‘Annihilation… Ah, I have heard of it. But…I don’t think accidentally reading that would allow you to understand it.’




‘It is only Sorcerers who have offered their souls who are able to understand and learn after years of study. It was a human Sage who told me this.’


I had read it and understood it just fine…

Maybe I had read a different book.

There could be multiple books with the same title.


‘I see. I think that might be a different book than the one that I read… In any case, it seems that it’ll be fine as long as I can use Curse Break – Extreme. So, which one should I use, True or Extreme?’


‘If you can manage it, you should use Extreme. While True may be enough to free me, the side effects might still remain.’


I see. So it was to protect it afterward.

Well, since it didn’t use that much MP, it was a good idea to use Extreme.

After all, I wanted this dragon to wreak havoc after this.


‘Alright. I’m ready to do it…are you?’


‘I’m ready. It’s not like there is anything I can do in preparation anyway. Just break this curse so that I can move.’


‘Got it. Alright, I’ll activate it in 30 seconds.’


I said as I inspected the area surrounding the dragon.

I couldn’t see anyone from the Blue Moon of Salvation nearby. As for places they could be hiding…it didn’t seem like there were any.


‘Slimes. Are you ready?’


‘We’re ready!’

‘We’re ready!’

‘We’re ready!’


I asked the slimes and they replied cheerfully.

I had all of the slimes combine so that they wouldn’t get hurt when the dragon went berserk.

Now they could stay to the side and help me support the dragon with magic.


And then the 30 seconds were up.

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  1. Let’s hope next chapter is something like prison escape, enraged ancient black dragon time 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. When will he try to go through his list to see what Magic’s he can use???? Or is it just because the author can’t think of names of new spells?

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