Tensei Kenja – 164

The Dragon was Strong


‘Magic Transfer – ‘Curse Break – Extreme.’’


I chanted. And then a bright light shot out of the slime and headed towards the dragon’s stomach.

The light seemed to coat the black stake as it purified it and took away its power.

And then the thing that had been so prominent a moment ago; disappeared.


(I didn’t realize it was that powerful…)


I hadn’t put much thought into using it the last time… My only intention had been to use something that looked decently strong.

In any case, there was one more magic I had to activate.


‘Magic Transfer – ‘Perfect Heal.’’


This time, it was healing magic.

The dragon had been treated incredibly poorly here and had deep wounds.


Up until now, I hadn’t used healing magic for fear of the Blue Moon of Salvation noticing…but there was no need to worry now.

The healing magic unleashed through the slime and quickly erased every wound on the dragon’s body, until there were no traces of them ever having been there.


‘That is advanced healing magic! I am in your debt! …Now, I can run wild.’


‘Yeah. I hope you do. …But if you can, try not to hit the slimes too much.’


‘It’s fine if it’s not too much!?’


The slimes sounded quite shocked.

They thought that since they helped the dragon, they would not be attacked.


‘Don’t worry, I’ll be protecting you when you do get hit. …But you should still run away.’


I doubted the dragon would be hitting them on purpose…but strong attacks didn’t always have the highest precision.

Attacks like Hellfire of Death and Curse of Eternal Tundra were so powerful that the damage could not be easily contained.


If the dragon had similar methods of attack, then it would be better to just protect the slimes than ask the dragon to not use them.

After all, those kinds of wide-area attacks were perfect for this situation.




‘We’ll run away then!’


The slimes said. And so they immediately ran.

While it was nothing compared to the Proud Wolf, it was still pretty impressive speed.

The dragon waited for them to disappear behind a boulder before making a move.


‘Now…it’s time to get to business.’


The dragon muttered. Then it flapped its chained wings.

The dragon’s overwhelming power was enough to break the chains as if they were spider’s webs.

Without the stake, metal chains were nothing.


‘First things first. That ominous-looking machine!’


The dragon said as it took a step forward.

In spite of its giant size, there was agility in its movements as it dashed towards the Universal Purification Device. Then the dragon swung its thick claws.


Of course, the members of the Blue Moon of Salvation would not stand by and watch.

However, it had all happened so suddenly, that they were unable to deal with the situation.


The curse had suddenly been broken and a completely restored dragon was now attacking.

You would need someone who was at least strong enough to use Hellfire of Obliteration in order to deal with this situation.


So it was no wonder that these mere guardsmen were panicking.

However, they hadn’t been stationed here without a reason, and they were still quite capable.


“State of emergency! The dragon has been released! Requesting immediate backup—”


They knew at once that this was out of their control, and so they asked for backup.

However, the dragon ignored them as it continued to attack the machine.


“There is one dragon. The dragon that powers the machine…”




Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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