Tensei Kenja – 86

It Was Disguised After All


‘Trump card?’


‘Yeah. I don’t care how it’s been disguised. I’m going to uncover it. …All of you, leave the suspicious area for now! …Move out so you are not within this boundary here.’


I said as I made a large circle on the map.

I was sure that something was hidden there.




We hadn’t found any human footprints within the circle.

…Perhaps they had some kind of device that helped them create these cursed magic stones more efficiently.


If that was the case, I could understand why these cursed stones had been placed here so densely. After all, if there was no reason to do so, it would make more sense to scatter them further apart.


The slimes finished their evacuation as I considered this.


‘…Yuji. What are you going to do?”


‘Destroy the forest. …Uh, as a Dryad. Do you mind?’


I asked her.

What I was now going to do was undoubtedly an act of deforestation.


After all, it was necessary in order to uncover what the enemy was hiding.

Unless the Blue Moon of Salvation had done something to make it withstand the power of Hellfire of Death—then it should not be able to escape my eye.


…Of course, if the Dryad told me to stop, then I would think of another way.


‘There are no Dryads in this forest, so it’s okay. Forests return after a while anyway. …And having cursed stones made here is the bigger problem.’


Good. I had permission now.

So there was nothing to worry about.


“…Hellfire of Death!”


I chanted. And magic energy left my body all at once.

And then the now familiar sight of explosive flames. They enveloped the forest.

The flames erased the trees and the packed snow until there was no trace of them ever being there.


And when the fire was gone…


‘There’s something strange there!’


‘There’s a big hole in the ground!’


A giant hole had opened up.

There had been a thick sheet of iron several meters underneath the forest.

And under the sheet of metal…


“…A machine?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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