Tensei Kenja – 164


All the guards were contacting different locations and asking for help.

Perhaps they were also scared about being killed altogether in one hit, because they were starting to spread out.


Though, it did seem like they knew that they were going to die.

But they were trying to buy some time by not all going out at once.

If they could only ensure that the dragon took at least 10 hits to kill all of them…


But, it was no use.


‘Hahaha! Now, you will pay for trying to use me to power your machine!’


The dragon’s claws ignored the guards and went straight for the Universal Purification Device.

The machine was massive and incredibly strong… However, it may as well have been a sandcastle to the dragon.


The bolts, which were larger than a human, came flying off like staples or nails.

Parts that had all the weight of construction vehicles were also blown away like sand.


The guards were never targeted by the dragon. However, they were crushed to death by the flying parts.

Dragons were so strong that humans could die in the aftermath of their attack.


‘Hmm? …I was sure that those scum who tormented me were right here a moment ago… Where did they run?’


The dragon asked as it looked around in puzzlement.

Apparently, it had been so preoccupied with the machine that it hadn’t noticed what had happened to the guards.


‘If you’re asking about the guards, they’re all dead. They got hit by the debris from the broken machine.’


‘…I see. So, I was being restrained by such weaklings all of this time… Those damned chains…’


The dragon said with an angry roar. Then it let out a torrent of flame towards a pile of materials that were in a corner.

There were many barrels of Cursed Water there as well, and they all burned up and turned into ash.

There must have been a few members of the Blue Moon of Salvation as well, because I saw some pale bones there when it was finished.


…This was perhaps the first time that I saw the true power of a dragon this close up.

Up until now, I had killed them from far away with Hellfire of Death or attacked them when they hit the ground.

Dragons were dangerous as enemies, but very reliable as allies.

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  1. (Screams in my head)

    Yes finally!! The moment that I’ve been waiting for!! .. Thought it’s just a short demonstration of the dragon’s power.. I hope there’s more.. Anyway.. Thank you so much for your new chapter translation!!

  2. I love that ‘where are those scum?’ moment. The black dragon probably only needed to stretch a bit harder and all of the guards would fall over. A satisfying event indeed.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Thanks for the chapter and I can’t for more destruction and revenge by the dragon against the DAMNED Blue Moon of Salvation but I’m so happy the dragon was freed and they destroyed that machine

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