Flower Field Demon King – 9


“Now, now. Don’t you give that look as if the whole world were ending. Let’s go.”

“Damn it… How can there not be any pretty receptionists…it’s rediculous…no…this can’t be happening…”

Zanatoria dragged Kuders, who had the most unpleasant expression on his face as he muttered to himself.


“So, you came to find work? I have a few that I can recommend…”
“No, I’m not here for that today. Hey! Stop sulking and introduce yourself.”


Zanatoria saw the receptionist happily pull out a file, and so he pushed Kuders forward.

However, Kuders had not yet recovered from his disappointment. His displeased expression was frozen on his face.


“Oh, he does have a pretty daughter…”

“Ah, yes. I am Kuders Tart. 42 years of age. I am also single and hoping to rectify that immediately.”

“Eh? Uh, hello.”

The receptionist looked quite stunned at this sudden change.

Then he grabbed Zanatoria’s arm and pulled him to the side.


“Hey, what’s with this guy? Does he want to hire someone? He doesn’t look like he has much money.”

“It’s much more shocking. He wants to become an Adventurer. At his age!”

Zanatoria said with a laugh. A blue vein bulged on the receptionist’s forehead.


“I haven’t seen you in a long time, and when you do show up, it’s to make jokes? You have some nerve!! And how dare you use my lovely daughter as bait.”

“Ah, there’s no need to be angry. Besides, isn’t your daughter like 8 years-old? He’s not interested, I assure you. But he is a mysterious man.”

“Mysterious!? Are you trying to cause trouble here!!”

Zanatoria was clearly amused by all of this, but the receptionist looked like an enraged demon as he grabbed his friend by the collar.


“Uhh, is there a problem here? I want to register as an Adventurer.”

Kuders asked them in a light-hearted tone that showed he took no interest in what they were doing.

Still, he could not be ignored, and so the receptionist scowled and said,


“Ah, my apologies. However, this guild is not a playground. If you want an adventure, go someplace else.”

“But! But I am serious!”

The receptionist looked terribly annoyed, but Kuders would not back down.


With a sigh, he realized that he was dealing with the type who wouldn’t listen.

Once he understood this about Kuders, he sighed again and put forward the condition.


“If you are going to insist on it like that, then you must take the test.”

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  1. OMG this “test” sounds interesting or something that’ll be very entertaining for us readers lol please update as soon as you can I’m really looking forward to it btw I really wanna thank you for translating all these novels on your web page I have a goal to read all the stories as soon as i can lol

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