Jack of all Trades – 234


Daniela was the one pulling me through the streets now. Everyone was drunk, everyone was celebrating. It was as if things were only starting to warm up now that it was getting dark.

I gazed at the different sights while being pulled along. That’s when I noticed a large crowd. Was it some kind of event?


“As I said, I have not broken any rules!”

“That may be, but you’ve gone too far!”

“Hmph. That is rich, coming from an angry and violent mob.”



It looked like a fight. Rules and mobs?


“They are in our way…how annoying.”


Daniela muttered as she marched towards them.


“Hmm? Daniela, let’s go around.”

“But the restaurant is on the other side.”



She was only looking at the sign on the other side. The one that read, ‘Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat.’

Damn it. We ate there yesterday!








Daniela pushed her way through without a word. Of course, people fell into each other as the path opened. Daniela, what are you doing…


“You are in my way.”



She continued to open a path towards the food. And then we finally arrived at the center of the noise. 


“And who are you…”

“What is this?”


The two who had been fighting were an Adventurer and…the noblewoman who had won in Group B. I see. That explained the argument.


“You are in my way. Move.”

“What? And why should I do that?”

“Because there is a dining hall behind you.”

“That’s too bad. Go someplace else.”


The man and woman seemed to have put their differences aside in order to block Daniela. I wouldn’t have done that if I were them…


“Do not bother me.”


Daniela glared at them as a violent wind erupted. Not only the two in front of her, but the rest of the crowd were also pushed down from it. Even I felt myself rise into the air for a second. I would have fallen over had I not been grabbing onto Daniela.


While there were screams of terror echoing around us, Daniela just snorted grumpily. While no one had been injured, it was still a fearsome display of her mood when she was hungry.


“Who-who are you…”

“What are you!”


The two who were arguing asked as they looked up at us.


“Just an Adventurer.”


She said before walking over them. She looked cool, to be sure. Like a protagonist. But she was still heading towards a barbecue house. Of course, I followed after her but was a little more careful to not step on anyone.


“Sorry, you two. But she’s really hungry.”

“There is no need to volunteer such information, Asagi.”



She pulled my arm so that I was next to her. Be gentle…


Well, we finally arrived. I wasn’t sure about eating meat two nights in a row, but I wasn’t going to object at this point in time. Besides, it would make her very grumpy the next day.


“Did she say…Asagi…”

“Asagi… Could it be… Silvergreen?”


I heard the voices behind us. The whole incident had made me oddly hungry, and so I pretended not to hear them. Damn it, Daniela. She exposed me alone… Oh. I had a bad feeling about this…

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  1. While I can agree meet is great and all, Daniela’s felt very out of character. Unless the troublesome people were standing right in front of the door, it would have been just as easy to walk around or jump over them.

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