Tensei Kenja – 162


Even its voice sounded different now.

It was like he was thinking seriously about something…no, remembering the past.


After a while, the dragon asked me,


‘Name some other magic that is more powerful than Hellfire of Obliteration. If you really are a Sage, it should be easy.’


‘If it’s magic I’ve used before… Hellfire of Death, Curse of Eternal Tundra, and Suppression Isolation Barrier.’


The dragon’s expression changed when it heard this.

Then after a moment of silence…it muttered.


‘It’s hard to believe… But someone who is not a Sage would not know those names. I never would have thought that I would meet such a person in a place like this… I suppose my luck hasn’t dried out completely.’


The dragon said. Then it closed its eyes as if praying.

Apparently, it believed me.


So, the problem was deciding what to do now.

The things that kept the dragon imprisoned here would not be easily broken.

Attacking it with random magic wasn’t likely to work.


‘So, how can I help you? Should I heal you with recovery magic and then break the chains?’


‘Recovery… Yes, it is true that I have been drained of energy, but that is not the problem. …Look at my stomach.’




I muttered as I had the slimes move to the dragon’s stomach.

And then…I saw that there was a thick, black stake piercing it.

The stake had an ominous aura that I could feel through Shared Senses.


‘This…is it cursed?’


It seemed even stronger than the magic stone that nearly destroyed the Dryad’s forest.

It was no wonder the dragon was weakened.

The Blue Moon of Salvation had probably snuck up on the dragon and pierced him with it. That was how they were able to capture and bring it down here.


‘So you know. …I would not be at the mercy of such humans as those if not for this thing.’


So it was all because of this cursed stake in the dragon’s body.

I had been wondering if metal chains were really enough to restrain a dragon… So that’s how it worked.

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  1. Time for that highest level curse-breaking spell he keeps saying would probably be overkill to deal with the cursed magic stones

  2. The time for the dragon to shine has come!! And I hope the dragon would really become his familiar.. If not at least the could be friends..

  3. By the way, I wonder if all those guards are, well, normal. Considering the past couple chapters, they seemed more like zombies, or puppets. They might not even respond when Yuji helps the dragon escape.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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