Tensei Kenja – 28


“…Magic Creation.”


I said, activating the magic I had found during the guild test.

I hadn’t been able to use it then due to a lack of time–but I now had time to think.


“Still, it’s quite complicated…”


The window that appeared now was like a more crowded version of my status screen.

There was an empty window in the center, and around it were words like ‘Magic Flow Analysis,’ ‘Required Magic,’ ‘Save Configuration,’ ‘Magic Intake’ and many others.


…Thanks to the magic books, I knew the meaning of most of them.

And so I tried analyzing magic that I already had.


“Magic Intake–Fireball.”


I said. It started to analyze what I thought was the simplest of my magic. And then the previously empty window was filled with a few dozen lines of words.


This was apparently the composition of the Fireball.

Things like ‘MP Conversion(BG2A, GGT2)’ or ‘MP Retention (0.01, 12, 5, 10)’ were written there. I didn’t understand what it meant—but it was reminiscent of a computer program.


If it was similar to a program, there was one way to quickly change the properties of something without having a good understanding of it.


Yes–cut and paste.

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