Tensei Kenja – 40


…A few hours later.

After saying goodbye to the Adventurers, I used concealment magic in order to leave through the gates without creating a scene.


“Alright, I’m counting on you.”




It was about fifty kilometers to Kiria.

I should be able to arrive within the day if I rode on the Proud Wolf.


This was how our roles were assigned:


The Proud Wolf would run.

I would read the map.

The slimes would cheer him on.


“Which way should I go?”


“Turn to the right.”


“You can do it! Proud Wolf!”


…Like that, we continued on our way.

And then the town finally came into view…


“…It’s kind of intimidating…”


“It looks strong!”


We were talking about the town’s defenses.

The outer walls were thick and there was a giant gate made of steel bars. There were even cannons on the parapets.


…Well, it was supposed to be a big town.

Perhaps this degree of protection was to be expected.

But then again, I hadn’t seen any other large towns to compare it with.


“I guess we should go inside then.”






And with that, we entered into Kiria.

It was supposed to be a town with many quests, so I hoped there would be some that paid well and were still safe.

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