Tensei Kenja – 54


She seemed like she could not comprehend what Tina was saying…

And then she shouted with an expression of shock.


“WHHHAAAAT!? Two E-Rankers and one F-Ranker!? That is impossible!”


“We’re not lying. See, just look there. That being said, it wasn’t us three. It was just Yuji.”


“All we did was hide by the cliffs.”


Tina said as she pointed at the crystal ball.


“Th-that’s true, it isn’t glowing… If you did kill the Earth Dragon, the reward is 10,000,000…if you add the reward for the investigation, it is 10,070,000 cicols!”


We were being paid that much?

They were adding the original investigation reward, which now looked like some kind of error.


“Uh…so the total reward money is 14,070,000 cicols… As it is a large amount, please wait one moment!”


Riel said as she ran to the back of the guild. She returned with several other guild workers.

They counted the money together and then handed it to us.


“This is an incredible amount… Uh, how should we split it?”


Tina asked as she handed me the bag of gold coins.

As for splitting it, we had already decided that.


“We decided in the beginning that it would be split evenly. Besides, 1407 can be divided into three. Each of us can take back 4,690,000 cicols.”


“…Are you sure? You did almost all of the work, Yuji.”


 “Yeah. But I wouldn’t even have known those bandits had prices on their heads if I was alone.”


And so I took out their amount and handed it to them.

I then had the slimes store my own share.


‘Keep this safe.’




I watched the slime put the gold away as I thought of the mystery dragon.

If we got 10 million for the Earth Dragon, how far would it go for a much stronger dragon?

…Well, I would rather not fight it if I could.

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    • It’s perfectly alright since here you see the creed he’s living his life. He’ll have great friends, I’m just hoping they’re not too ungrateful and abuse him.

    • Based on the manga, this group is pretty much never seen again as anything, other than as someone who’s only there to say stuff that would be about as impactful if said by “random adventurer dude number 37, if I got that number right”

      • Only thing that is the same is the people reaction to his killing off their common sense. To think the guild would have send messages to other branches warning them of his antics. Good thing it either they respect his privacy and classify the reports as for guild leaders only or the nobles are sensible enough to know not mess with a walking apocalypse.

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