Jack of all Trades – 190


This change felt off as I thrust towards the log. The images in my brain were telling me to thrust while thinking about pulling, and so I did. After a while, my movements seemed to become more fluent again.

Then I moved to cutting motions. Here, my training with the greatsword came in handy. It was all about moving your torso with the swing and putting a lot of force behind it. My movements were eventually able to reflect what I wanted. As it was heavy and long, the difference was obvious. I was glad that I tested this spear before getting too used to the other one. It was easier to adjust when my mind was still flexible.


“Asagi, you must be a natural when it comes to the spear…”

“Well, he is a natural in many things.”


Her answer would have sounded odd without prior knowledge of my skill. She probably just sounded like she was infatuated.


“Here is the problem.”


I muttered to myself. I know how it handles. I know how to use it. I know how it’s different. Now I must try magic. And so I sent ice magic into the weapon. The magic transfer was shockingly smooth. The was a crackle and the metal weapon turned into an ice spear.

The barbs of the blade extended further than the rings now. Whether you thrust or swing, the target would be in a world of pain. The ribbons were a much darker blue now and specks of ice danced in the air. Diamond dust.

The spear when from a translucent white to opaque white. It looked frosty but was not cold.


A pure white spear with a little blue. It was breathtakingly beautiful. It reminded me of Daniela in a way.


“It’s beautiful…”

“Isn’t it? Not many people could use a weapon like this, but I see you don’t have that problem. You can use it better than anyone.”


So was this the difference in mithril? I hadn’t put much stock into the power of nature, but I now knew better.


And I could no longer think of choosing any other spear.


“Shiki. I’ll take this one.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I want this spear.”

“Thank you… Hehe, you look very happy.”


He said with a smile. I gave him a puzzled look. Daniela then explained.


“Are you unaware of how happy you look?”


I wasn’t, but once she pointed it out, I realized it was true. I was embarrassed enough to press my lips together in a frown.


  □   □   □   □


We went back inside and I paid Shiki the three hundred pieces of gold. And then I put the newly acquired spear into the hollow bag.


“Thank you, Shiki. I’ve found a good spear because of you.”

“No, thank you…Asagi. It is quite fulfilling to get people what they want.”


We shook hands and then left the store. It was already evening now. But it had been a fruitful day.


One more week. It wasn’t a lot. It was my fault too… But well, that was in the past. And I liked to live while looking forward.

Tomorrow is when we’d really get to do something. Something about the rumors in this town. The Loup-garou. I wanted to see them with my own eyes. I told this to Daniela, and she felt the same. And so our plan for tomorrow was easily decided. It was now time to return to the inn.

I couldn’t wait for the next day.

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