Jack of all Trades – 191



“Good morning Daniela! What nice weather!”

“Mmmmmgaaa…what…uhhh… It is still night…let me sleep…”


I tried to wake her up, but according to Daniela, the sun was not up yet. But it was still morning. It’s morning as soon as you wake up.


“Come on. Let’s go see the Loup-garou.”

“Shut up…”


Daniela was not in the best mood. But I could not wait. From what I had learned, the Loup-garou were like werewolves, and werewolves were nocturnal. Then why don’t we go out at night? Well, this time just before the morning was when we could catch them off guard. Because they would be very tired.


And so I washed my face and put on my armor. It had been a while since I last put it on, but it still felt very comfortable.




I took out the spear made of Cocytus ore. The Cocytus Lance. The newest addition to my arsenal. It would serve me as my regular weapon for a while.

Well, I didn’t need it now, and so I put it back in the bag. And then I strapped it on my back and was ready to go.


“Alright, let’s go, Daniela.”




She was sleeping again. Now that that had happened, things were quite hopeless…she would just be annoyed for the whole day if I forced her to get up now.

Then I would just have to go alone…


“Alright, I’ll be back.”



Was that an answer or was she sleep talking…? In any case, I would just leave a memo. And then I can go.


  □   □   □   □


I left the inn and headed for the guild. The reason was that if this was linked to a quest, then I might as well accept it. And if it wasn’t, well, I didn’t care that much.

Unsurprisingly, there was no light coming from the building and it was completely silent. It was so dark that I didn’t even want to try banging on the door. In that case, I would just go straight out of the town.


While the gate was closed, there was at least someone there. The gatekeeper.


“Halt. What is your business here?”

“I want you to let me go out so I can see one of those Loup-garou things.”



Asagi Kamiyashiro was the cause of a great, deep sigh. Wonderful.


“‘I want to see the Loup-garou.’ ‘I want to kill the Loup-garou.’ They all say that when they leave. And none of them ever return.”

“Ah, so that must mean it’s still alive and well in the forest.”

“Yes. And it’s waiting for its next prey.”


The guard folded his arms and looked at me with the expression you would give an idiot.


“That’s great. Now, please let pass.”

“Look, this is my job, so I will give it to you straight. I am not letting some halfwit like you go out there. Do you know why? Because that’s what I do.”


He said this slowly and carefully as if there was an idiot in front of him. But there wasn’t an idiot near us at all. Nope.


“Well, I also work to eliminate any danger caused by monsters. But I am also an awfully curious person.”


I handed him my status card. He sighed again, but this time walked reluctantly towards the guardhouse. Once he saw the information on it, he would know that I wasn’t some idiot.


“…Ah. I had thought he was just some guy with a death wish…”


I heard him say from inside the building. It was so quiet out here that I could hear him talking. I was flattered.

He came out with a copy of my status in his hand.


“Asagi. A C-Rank Adventurer. Let me tell you this. You can be promoted to B-Rank if you pass Level 71. You are already 79. You can reach A-Rank at 81, so I would advise you to go to the guild and get that sorted.”

“Ah, well, we’re rarely in any towns. That level thing probably happened in Nicora.”


I must have made a killing on experience points after that wind dragon. It was probably 6 levels alone.


“Hmm. So you really are Silvergreen then. I’ve heard the rumors.”

“Uh, great.”


I shrugged. I seemed to have a knack for that. Rumors and tall tales.


“I used to be an Adventurer… But then I got an arrow in the knee.”

“Huh. That sucks.”

“So I understand why this Loup-garou interests you so much.”


The former Adventurer put his hand on the gate.


“None of the Adventurers who have challenged it were as accomplished as you. So, it would be nice if you could come back alive.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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    • I’m obviously re-reading this, given the stenchy pun above. The knee bit surprised me last time, but this time it hit me harder because, going a little quickly through text I’d already read and simply enjoying it, I was already reading the next sentence when the reference hit me in the back of the head! I had to pull up short, go re-read it and think, “Oh. Ohhh, riiiight. That happened, too!”

  1. 《“I used to be an Adventurer… But then I got an arrow in the knee.”》of course Author-san knows what’s up.. you cannot be a guard without an arrow in the knee.. wait that’s wrong LOL

  2. These adventurers really need to invest in kneepads.

    Anyways that reminds me that there’s a LN about a guy who used to be an adventurer until he took an arrow to the knee.

  3. I have to make one thing clear, though: That ‘arrow to the knee“-thing has been around for far longer than Skyrim.

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