Jack of all Trades – 191


He said with a smile. Then he slowly opened the gate. Well, it was the small door to the side of it.


“Thank you, mister gatekeeper.”

“Don’t call me that. Even now, I’m an Adventurer at heart. You can call me Saragi.”

“Alright. Thanks for letting me through, Saragi.”


He laughed.


“Now go, Adventurer. Find out the truth about the Loup-garou.”

“I will!”


I said as I walked passed him. Outside, the place was still dark as night, and the forest was shrouded in silence.


This was the deep green town of Yukka. I was by the south gate that was never opened. The gate that Saragi protected. If ever you find yourself in Yukka, try talking to him. I’m sure you will hear rousing tales of adventures that will make your heart soar.


  □   □   □   □


Well, I was in the forest now, and so I took out the spear. And that’s when I realized it. It kept hitting against the trees.


“It’s useless…”


I guess this wasn’t its time after all. I would have to make do with the Glampanzer on my belt. I had no complaints but was definitely disappointed.


And disappointed, I walk in the forest. You could tell that there was once a path here, but it was hidden by so many fallen leaves. Still, it had not been that long since the Loup-garou had made this place its territory…


And so I moved along while using Legs of the Forest Wolf to clear the path of leaves. According to the maps, there should be an abandoned village to the south. That would be my first destination.




Just then, Presence Detection caught something. It seemed like a monster? It was different than anything I had detected in the past. And there was just one. It was towards the center of the forest. Due to the dark sky and leaves overhead, it was so dark that even the moonlight did not pierce through the shadows. And in that darkness, something was moving. Could it be? Could it really be?


“Let’s take a look.”


I suppressed the rising excitement as I stepped deeper into the forest. I wanted to cut down the grass and bushes in my way, but that would just give my location away, and so I didn’t. It was times like these that I wished I had a ‘Presence Block’ skill. But as I didn’t, I had no choice but to imitate a stealth game by treading softly and breathing as quietly as possible. Well, if the skill popped up so easily, then everyone would have it. And that was not a world I wanted to live in.


Beyond that tree. From what I could see, it seemed brighter over there. Maybe it was a clearing? I sheathed my sword and put it into the hollow bag. And then I took out the Cocytus Lance. Then I removed the cover from the blade and put it away. It was the birth of Asagi the Spearman.




I peeked from behind the tree. As I thought, there was a clearing in the forest. No trees at all. Even the grass had been cut down clean. It was purposely made to make it easy to move in.


This was the center. A strange patch of nothing within a forest. And in it, was the thing I had detected.


“A werewolf…”


It stood on two legs. It had a long tail. Silver hair.


It was the image of a werewolf. The Loup-garou.

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  1. Is got an arrow in the knee really popular for a reason to retire from adventure?
    There’s some novel with that idea

    Thanks for the chappu~

    • They said perhaps skyrim developers used that idiom (that means marriage) as a tagline for all the guards in the game, maybe for fun.. and it generated alot of memes after

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Natural is always the way to go! It’ll be interesting to see what kind of combination water+ice magic Asagi will come up with in the future.

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