Realist Demon King – 119

Tyron’s Troubles

While Tyron’s mansion was luxurious, it was also damp and quite wet.

But this was no surprise after it had been hit by waves of magic water. It also affected much of his household belongings.

However, there were some parts that were unaffected at all. And so he was still able to entertain guests. I was taken to a drawing room and tea was served.

He had also suggested some alcohol, but I wasn’t too strong with the stuff, and so declined.

Tyron found this very surprising, as I was a Demon King. And I couldn’t blame him. Most people thought of us as always holding a glass of dark red wine as we sat on our thrones and contemplated our next act of evil.

“My Demon King is always thinking about how he can be a benevolent ruler.”

Eve said. But this was a bit of an exaggeration.
It enjoyed emptying my head of such thoughts when sitting down for a drink.

And so I slowly sipped the tea that Tyron’s maid brought in. And once I was done, I returned to the subject at hand.

I was very blunt about it.

“I came here because I have a request to make.”

“A request? And one that required you to come directly.”

“We could have sent a messenger, but the Demon King has come to pass on the decree in person.”

Said Eve.

“I wouldn’t say that.” I muttered.

“I may rule this place, but I’m not a tyrant. Lawbreaking merchants are one thing, but I would not get in the way of a merchant who made his profits in the right way.”

It would have a very negative impact on my reputation.

While there may be short term benefits, as our problems with food would be solved, in the long term, merchants will start to leave my lands.

And so I maintained a level of humility.

“I hear that you are the wealthiest farmer in these lands. And that you have great storages of food. I would like to ask that you sell it to other merchants in the markets. Of course, at the appropriate prices.”

“…Appropriate prices.”

“The prices of food are still on the rise. I understand that you will make a higher profit if you wait. However, as you can see from the riot earlier, people are starving. I want to put an end to that.”

“…I see. So that is why you are here.”

Tyron’s voice became quieter because he was not only the lord of this land, but also a merchant.

He had a family.

There were many servants who worked for him, and he hired mercenaries as well. As their lord, it was his job to feed them. And I was asking him to forget about profits for the benefit of the people. It was not something that any capable person would quickly nod in agreement to. However, Tyron’s decision was made surprisingly quickly.

“Very well. After this attack, I feel like I cannot keep my storages filled with grain. I will gladly release it.”

“I am grateful. I will do what I can to lighten some of your taxes next year.”

“Thank you. However, there is one more thing I would like to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s quite a different matter entirely. But it’s about my daughter.”

Tyron said apologetically.
He was clearly troubled about this daughter I had heard of.

And while I had information regarding this issue, it would be awkward for me to bring it up myself, and so I decided to listen to his explanation.

“Indeed, I have a daughter. And it is my wish that she should be married.”

“I suppose she is of age then.”

“Yes, some might say that she should have been married earlier. This is most troublesome for me. She has rather lofty demands, and claims she will not marry any man who is not her intellectual superior.”

“That’s unusual.”

I would have expected something like good looks, golden hair, etcetera.

“And so she tests all of her suitors. To see if they are smart. And she will not even meet those who cannot pass this test.”

“And has no one been able to achieve that?”

“Oh, a few have. But after meeting with her, it was the suitors who turned her down.”

“And why is that?”

“…The truth is, and I regret having to say it as a parent, but my daughter is no great beauty… That is why they refuse.”

“…I see. That would make things difficult.”

“Demon King. Perhaps it is not right of me to ask you this, but could you not introduce her to someone that would be a good match? If my daughter’s future is promised, I will open one of my store houses to you without any payment at all.”

“A storehouse. How generous.”

In that case, it was worth trying. And so I gave Tyron my word.
He was happy to hear it, but then asked me one question.

“Are you married, Demon King?”

“No, I am not.”

“But do you plan to be married?”

However, Eve answered before I could.
And her eyes were filled with rage.

“Whether or not the Demon King marries is an affair of the state. It is not something to be spoken of in such a place as this.”

Perhaps Eve had struck fear in him, as Tyron did not mention the subject again after that.
However, he did suggest that it was common for Demon Kings to have mistresses.
Apparently, he had taken a great liking to me.
I was a demon just like him, and a king as well.
And he said that his daughter could be a mistress.

But I was having quite enough trouble handling Eve and Jeanne. I didn’t know what kind of person this Flora was, but she was unlikely to find living under the glares of Eve and Jeanne tolerable.

Tyron looked disappointed, but then I told him of my idea.

“So, your daughter is fond of men who are intelligent. I know of someone who may please her. And I think he would make her a suitable husband.”

“Ah, you know someone then.”

“Yes. Someone who is much wiser than me. He should be able to make your daughter happy.”

I said, and Tyron smiled.
It was the face of someone who cared about his daughter’s happiness.
He bowed his head over and over and said, ‘Thank you, Demon King.’

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    • I think Asta will introduce that wise strategist… um what was his name again ? Zhuge Liang ? since Tyron’s daughter want someone with higher intelligence than her.

  1. Ah! probably Zhuge Liang

    Folklore mentioned that he valued inner strength and wits over outer beauty.
    His wife was said to be equally as wise as him

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