Ryusousha – 55


It would have made sense if he had thrown a knife.

She didn’t know how he had done it, but it had been cut directly.


It was no wonder Her Majesty had granted him total absolution, Siluru thought.

He could attack and defend.

How many enemies could match that?


“That Leon…what a nightmare.”


Siluru muttered at the empty sky, hardly noticing the tied-up people lying at her feet.







They were all gagged, but seemed to be pleading with their eyes for her to untie them.




On my way back from the castle, I suddenly had an idea, and decided to head to the Dragon Master Grounds.

As I usually moved through the underground waterways, I had never actually gone inside.


This was also part of my training. It wasn’t out of curiosity or anything…I think.


And just like the Royal Castle, there were detection barriers.

Which meant nothing. I was used to this stuff.


I wouldn’t melt into the shadows. I could advance while relying on my senses.


There would likely be more complicated barriers as well, but those were usually only around the important buildings.

If I was just going to go through the Dragon Master Grounds, then there shouldn’t be anything too troublesome.




Someone was patrolling the area. I looked out from behind the shadow of a wall.

As I wasn’t ‘Shadow Crossing’ now, I would be seen if I moved.


It looked like a security guard. And this one wasn’t relaxing either, his eyes scanned the area constantly.

And there was a dog as well. There were several things on the man’s belt that I wasn’t familiar with.

Maybe they were tools that created lights or sounds.


So the security was tighter than I had thought.

They didn’t just rely on magic, but had people patrolling the area as well.

And there was an advanced barrier around the building.


If I wanted to get through this place, it would take a little studying first.

I doubted I would succeed if I just went through without much thinking.


The dog turned towards me. Was it the smell?

Its brows seemed to furrow as if it had sensed something.


I quickly melted into the shadows.

The dog immediately lost interest and turned its head away.


Interesting. I would have to come back later.


And so I remained in the shadows and headed back to the dormitory.

I had made quite a few interesting discoveries today.

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  1. Thanks for the new translated chapter!! The Left Hands of the castle needs more training. I wonder if the MC’s father would become an trainer so they could improve.

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