Ryusousha – 10


As the Queen’s Right Hand, I generally took on assassinations, but also received orders to infiltrate, investigate, and gather information.


What made this possible was my magic, which was called ‘Shadow Crossing.’

It allowed me to dive into shadows and teleport to a connected shadow.

There weren’t many opportunities to make use of this power during the day, but I was near unbeatable at night.

After all, the night made the world my playground and I could go anywhere.


“…I see. So there is an underground waterway here.”


It was a byroad in the capital that my father had told me about.

Under the vast city, there were manmade waterways.


Father had once been very active in the royal capital as the Queen’s Left Hand.

This had been well before I was born, and father rarely talked about it.


The young Queen Savane had just ascended to the throne, and the Left Hands were reorganized.

This was because there was no telling if the Left Hands who were loyal to the previous ruler would be loyal to her as well.


Father wasn’t just good at being a Left Hand, he took care of other kinds of trouble in the city as well.


According to him, the people he dealt with were generally ‘no longer alive.’

And it was during such work that he became familiar with the city’s underground waterways.


Father was a Right Hand in Sol by the time he got married.

In other words, he had left the royal capital and retired as a Left Hand.


As for this underground waterway, it was made to take in the water from sewers and rainfall. And they existed all around the city.

Of course, there was an entrance near the dormitory as well.


As the Queen’s Left Hand, father was quite familiar with this one as well.
He must have used it often.


He had drawn me a map and explained it to me a little before I left.


“I can probably use it to travel during the day.”


While he didn’t underestimate my skill with Shadow Crossing, he wanted to give me information that would be to my advantage once it was decided that I would be leaving.


And so I might as well make use of it.


Still, I was careful as I moved through the underground waterway.

While I was probably alone, I did not want to bump into someone in the same line of work.


“I must be under the training grounds now.”


Considering the direction and distance I had moved.

It was possible that I would be using this waterway every day.


And so it would be a good thing to compare it with the surface and understand my position.


“There doesn’t seem to be anyone up ahead either. No one is here. I can move faster then.”


After all, I was much faster than any horse when Shadow Crossing.

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