Ryusousha – 15


It was the Queen who had given him complete absolution.

That could not be overturned.


However, it was impossible for them as Left Hands, to stand by and do nothing.


“Perhaps we could prepare a decoy for Her Majesty.”

Hif could think of nothing else.


They would be allowed to act after something happened.

But complete absolution meant they were not allowed to do anything in advance.


“No. She will find out. And I doubt she would agree to such a thing.”




“We have no choice but to watch for now. And if we see any suspicious activity, we will tell Her Majesty.”

It was not a very satisfying conclusion at all, but the truth was, there was nothing else they could do.


“We must share everything we know about Leon’s abilities. And then, if it seems like there is something we can do, we will plan from there.”


Everyone nodded at Hif’s words.”


“Still, this is most disturbing.”

“His father had also been granted complete absolution.”





“I think he was called the Grim Reaper.”

“Yes. The assassin who was responsible for the Great Purge of Sol. They say that he has never failed during an assassination.”


“Why would someone so dangerous be granted that…”


“You youngsters may not know about it, but the Grim Reaper served Her Majesty since she was the princess. He has served her longer than anyone. And his magic is more powerful than even the rumors suggest. Yes, he is at least equal to the Thirteen Steps of Makoku. Don’t even think about antagonizing him.”


Hif said with a shudder.

The Queen’s Shadows were not allowed to fight or hinder each other.

If you did, you could be purged.


“Of course.”

“Aye, I would not do such a thing.”


“Good. We will protect Her Majesty. That is all we need to consider.”


“Everything we do, we do for Her Majesty…”

“For Her Majesty.”


And like that, the meeting was over.


It had been a meeting to discuss how they should react to the complete absolution, but they had not come up with a single idea.

Regardless, the name of ‘Shadow Crosser’ Leon, had become deeply engraved in the hearts of the Left Hands.


Had Leon known about what had transpired that day, he would have thought, ‘Uh, I wasn’t thinking about such things at all. In fact, I have no intention of doing anything troublesome.’

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, HAHAHAAH as I though the point was to showcase how powerfull he is, by the way when was the mark for disabling magic put on him, if I am not mistaken when he ised magic was when he was relieved of the magic supressed handcuffs.

    • The whole chamber was warded to prevent magic from being used, and any visitors are asked to wear magic sealing cuffs, he only took off the cuffs. So that’s what they are talking about.

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