Jack of all Trades – 246

Rise of the Lucky Boy


Newt, the D-Ranker pyromancer. Baz, the man in the blue bandana with the underhanded tactics. I had assumed that Newt would make it a rather one-sided battle… I was wrong.

Surprisingly, Baz showed that he could fight one on one as well. He was discerning enough to read the movements of sorcerers and fight accordingly. Perhaps he was also lucky to have an opponent like Newt, who was a very traditional type of sorcerer and was not particularly high in rank. Baz had clearly done his homework. 


However, while Baz made a good show at first, with the way he dodged the Fire Arrows, he was eventually taken down by a spell called ‘Ignition Road.’


“It is a subtype of fire magic. An original that had been created by someone a long time ago. You can see how it runs towards the target in a straight line there. It is quite unique.”


I nodded as Master Daniela explained.


“At higher levels, the power and number of lines will increase. A very effective attack.”

“I see… Newt’s was just one, but with enough training, it could be monstrous.”

“With enough training, yes.”


I sighed and watched as Newt returned to where we were sitting. He was thin and looked rather weak-willed. Like a flame that was about to be swallowed up by the waves… I bet he would have had more success as a researcher.


  □   □   □   □


Next up was my very own Daniela.


“Daniela. Good luck.”

“Aye. I will not let my guard down.”


She stood up and we bumped fists. Then I watched as she headed for the stage.

Her opponent, Neyti Miniado, jogged behind her. Neyti had only happened to survive while Bandi was fighting. He was most likely a permanent B-Ranker. And yet it took a lot to reach that rank. You could never be too careful.


“I look forward to…battling you.”



Daniela was holding her bow while Neyti faced her with a sword and shield.




The referee shouted, and the battle began.


Daniela jumped back to create some distance between them. And she fired off two arrows while still airborne. Neyti adeptly blocked them with his shield. However, it seemed to me that Daniela had meant for him to do that.





Daniela stared at him. Neyti’s shield hand was opening and closing. It was clear that the impact had numbed his hands a little.


“He won’t last long.”

“Nothing but a lucky boy after all…”


Heinrich said as he sat next to me. Daniela’s arrows definitely packed a powerful punch. They were also of good quality. But she had held back quite a lot. And yet Neyti had barely been able to take it. There was too big a gap in their status, perhaps.


After that, Daniela continued to deliberately unleash arrows with just the right amount of force. Neyti either blocked them with his shield or rolled out of the way. It was quite awkward to watch.

He would occasionally leap forward and swing his sword, but Daniela always dodged it with ease. She could read his movements completely.


“It’s child’s play.”


Adlus muttered. I had to agree with him.


“Well, that is enough.”



After fifteen minutes, Daniela lowered her bow.


“I am sure you realize the difference between us now. You cannot beat me.”

“No, I… Are you saying you were holding back…!”

“Why, of course. Had I not done so, you would have been dead before you first raised your shield.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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