Jack of all Trades – 246


“Da-damn you…!”



Once he learned that he had been toyed with all of this time, Neyti’s lips quivered as his knees shook.




He roared. It seemed that he had submitted to her. Then he threw aside his shield. The audience watched in silence.


“Why! Why is it always like this! This time…this time I was going to rise to A-Rank!!”


He stomped on the ground as he fumed. I suppose he was wallowing in despair after realizing it was an unwinnable fight and he simply didn’t have what it takes. It was pretty pathetic, but many B-Rankers were ridiculed if they couldn’t reach the next level. I could understand the pain of a goal that was forever out of reach.


I had been angry myself. Back when I was a part-timer. No, perhaps even that emotion had left me. I was just in a deep hole with no future that I could see.

And so I saw myself in Neyti. He was the ‘lucky boy’ who had somehow made it through the preliminaries against the odds. Kind of like how I had somehow come to this world. I had lived without knowing anything back then. But I did live. And somehow, I was given power and people who supported me. That’s how I made it this far.


I was only here due to a series of coincidences. However, you also needed to put in the work for those coincidences to have good results. It was one of the tricks to survival. It didn’t matter if you were late to start. You just needed to do it.


Neyti was at that forked road now. A coincidence had brought him here. He could admit defeat, or…


“Damn, damn, damn! This was the chance I was waiting for!! I am here, perhaps by accident, but I am still here!! I won’t yield!!”


He shouted. And then he gripped his sword with both hands and charged towards Daniela. Up until that point, he had always seemed to be a little hesitant as he moved. But now, I could see that he had a will to do nothing but to reach his target and defeat her.


“Well, I have my reasons as well. Sorry, but this is as far as you go.”

“I can be strong tooo!!!”


Daniela threw her bow to the side and unsheathed her rapier before rushing forward to meet him. The distance shrank rapidly. Neyti raised his sword as Daniela pulled hers back.




Neyti stopped. His arms were still up in the air. Daniela’s arm was outstretched. Her rapier had pierced straight into Neyti’s right lung.


“So…I can’t even swing my sword…”

“You tried. That is what is important.”


The decoy bracelet on Neyti began to shake. It was taking the damage that he should have received. Daniela quickly pulled the blade out of him, and the bracelet exploded into shards that fell to the ground. Neyti crumbled.


“The fight is over!!”


Then the audience erupted with applause. Neyti had been ridiculed as the ‘lucky boy,’ but they had been entertained. After all, he had faced an Adventurer with an alias. With such determination, maybe he would escape his B-Rank one day.


Daniela sheathed her sword and picked up her bow before offering her hand to Neyti. He looked at it for a moment before slowly accepting it and allowing her to pull him to his feet. Daniela slapped him on the back and whispered something to him with a smile. He nodded and raised his head to look at the audience. Then he and Daniela walked back towards us. There was no hesitation there. He seemed quite different from the person who had walked out right before the fight.

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  1. I’m quite happy the author decided to end it at 400 chapters. I knew it was coming soon and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens…
    I think he’s going to do some ‘slow life yuri’ thing next.

  2. Fuuhh knowing that this can end properly is a really good news…

    And someone please heeeeeeeelp jawbieeeeeeee

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