Realist Demon King – 49


This was ordinary summoning and not Soul Summoning, and so I would not get a Hero from it. But still, I wanted a capable spy.


And so I hoped for one as I tossed in permafrost obsidian and the eye of a panther.


The combination of these two was mostly inspiration. So who knew how it would go?

I concentrated on the Klein bottle.

It was now surrounded by an ominous aura and there was something like electricity flashing.


If smoke rose from the pot, that meant you succeeded, but you wouldn’t know what it was until the smoke cleared. 


Some Demon Kings found the whole thing very tedious, but I did not hate it.

If anything, it was exciting.

The smoke rose and then parted. And there was a group of what I had expected.

No, even more.

And they were all dressed in black.


It wasn’t the black clothes that assassins wore in this world. They wore what they would have worn in Japan.


I looked at their status.


Name: Hanzo

Rarity: Legend Rare ★★★★★

Race: Elder Kobold

Job: Ninja

Combat Ability: 745

Skills: Conceal, Assassinate, Poison Knowledge, Patience, Information Gathering, Disguise.


There was one kobold who seemed to represent them. He had black fur.

I could tell from a glance that he was no novice.

According to his status, he was a five-star Legend Rare.

That was the same as Eve.

And so I knew he was good.

I then talked to this kobold called Hanzo.


“Is that your name, Hanzo?”


“It is…”


His answer was like Eve, but sounded older.


“You will be working for me from now on. Do you have a problem with that?”


“I do not. However, I am well aware of my own capabilities as a professional. Doing intelligence work will mean I may not always be able to follow your every order.”


“As long as you bring results.”


“I am glad that you understand, Demon King. In that case, I and my team will swear allegiance to you, Demon King Ashtaroth!”


He said as he went down on his knee.

Then the others followed him.


There were ten of them including him. The others had much lower rarity levels, but they seemed quite loyal to their leader.


They looked reliable.

And that was how I created a team to specialize in intelligence.


Along with the spy slimes and a few other humans who were suited for the job, they should become a very capable team.


I would send spies into my own city to find enemy spies.

Other spies would live in enemy cities and acquire information.

And others would travel the world and learn.

Sometimes they may be sent to assassinate enemy generals.

It was dirty work, but Hanzo seemed like the type who would enjoy it.


“…Ninjas are those who hide. They are not warriors, but they must be loyal.”


That was their policy.

Perhaps they would be just as loyal as Eve was.

I was glad to have such subordinates.

I would put them to good use in my plan of total domination.

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  1. Ninjas never wore black, the darkest colour they wore was blue (which actually blends in better at night) or inconspicuous clothes.

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