Tensei Kenja – 50

Something Unexpected Came Out



Nearly half an hour had passed since we noted the eeriness of the sky.

It was still dark…actually, it seemed like it could be darker now than before.

And then…through ‘Monster Mutual Understanding, the slimes began to start shouting all at once.


‘Yuji! Yuji!’


‘A strong monster is suddenly coming closer!’


‘But there was nothing there a moment ago!’


A monster had suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

Was such a thing even possible?

…Perhaps the monster had been hiding in the ground and suddenly burst out.


I considered such possibilities while using Shared Senses to search the area for any magical energy.

And then I detected something large. It was less than 1km away.


‘Do you think the monster will find you?’


‘It shouldn’t find us…but it might find you and the others, Yuji!’


I heard the slime say this and I quickly turned to Tina and Lisa.


“A huge monster just appeared about 1km away from here!”


When I said this…Tina thought for a second and then said without any hesitation,


“We will retreat! There is a safe route nearby!”


“Got it! Take us there!”




And with that, we began to run.

A number of slimes were hiding in the forest as scouts, but I intended on bringing them back later.


“This monster you found. Is it an Earth Dragon?”


“We haven’t actually seen it…I’ll check.”


So saying, I put an extra layer of concealment magic on one of the slimes and had it poke out its head.

What I saw…was a monster that looked very different from the Earth Dragon I saw at the guild.


Though, it was in the shape of a dragon… But it was about twice as large. It was at least 10 meters tall.

According to what I heard when accepting the quest, Earth Dragons were only supposed to be about 5 meters tall.


“This…this isn’t an Earth Dragon! It’s much bigger and looks strong! …Should we keep searching for the Earth Dragon?”


“If we find a monster that is even more dangerous than an Earth Dragon, we can just deliver the location and features and the quest will be treated as complete! In fact, you will often get an extra reward for discovering a more dangerous monster.”


Apparently, it was fine even if it wasn’t the right monster.

The main objective of the investigation was to find the danger within the forest. And so that objective would be complete if you found a different dangerous monster.

As we talked, a deep valley appeared before us.


“We’re going in there!”


Tina said as she pointed at it.

It seemed easy enough to walk in, but there were steep cliffs on both sides.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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