Tensei Kenja – 50


“…But if we went in there and encountered the monster, how would we escape?


“This valley is called the Delight Valley and is famous for being safe. The terrain makes it uncomfortable for large monsters. So strong monsters avoid it.”


“I am sure it will be fine. From what I remember, nothing above a C-Rank monster has entered it for one hundred years.”


So this valley in front of us was known for being very safe.

But I was worried about entering a place where we could be trapped in…but since these two veterans insisted that it would be safe, it must be true.

Still, I should ask the scouts.


‘Proud Wolf. Go 2 kilometers ahead and check the area.’




Perhaps the Proud Wolf wanted to leave the forest as soon as possible. He carried a few slimes on his back and rushed off towards the valley.

We followed after him.


Now, about ten minutes had passed.

The slimes had detected the presence of the dragon once again.


Apparently, it was now near the entrance of the valley.

Now we could no longer turn back. If there just happened to be a strong monster inside the valley now, we would be forced to battle with one of the monsters.


“By the way, how long does this continue?”


“About 30 kilometers. It will take longer this way, but we will be able to escape the forest by just walking through this valley.”


That was far.

Well, as long as it was a safe route, it would be worth it.

We would just have to pray that today would not be the first day in one hundred years that a strong monster decided to enter the valley.

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