Two Saints – 47





It was Maki. At least they were together. Chiharu was relieved. But at the same time, she thought that it would have been better if one of them could have called someone for help.


There was no point in moaning against the gag, so she stopped to think. What had happened? Judging by what she had seen from the corner of her vision, there were four men. They had been waiting there in order to kidnap them. They had been targeted from the beginning.


Were they after the Saintesses? Probably not. Sadly, they didn’t even seem to be recognized as women.

So were they after children? But they didn’t look rich enough to be taken for ransom?

As slaves then? No, there were no slaves in this world.


No matter how much they struggled, they could not get out of the wagon. And they could not drop anything like Hansel and Gretel. In that case, they should at least try to take note of the direction they were going in.


However, they had eaten so many snacks and worked all day. Their bodies could not lie. The comfortable rocking of the wagon that was carried by levitation stones was like a lullaby to them.


And so they slept as the wagon entered the back gate of a mansion and entered the garden and stopped by a door. Then someone knocked on the door with an air of familiarity.


“Tell your master that we got our hands on something very unusual.”

“He is not in a good mood today. The princes have gone.”

“That’s even better. We found two pretty boys.”

“Hey, do not say that out loud! In any case, I will deal with this. Just wait a moment.”


The nervous man said as he went back into the mansion.


The men moved the hay from the wagon.


“Hey, these two are unconscious.”

“Of course, they are. They were tied up and left here for two hours.”

“I hope he comes back soon. We can’t leave them tied up for too long.”


Just then, the door opened.


“The master will see you. Come this way.”


The men smirked and then picked up the two children. They held them like princesses.

Luckily, Chiharu and Maki were still sleeping. Maki would not have been happy to know this was her first time.


“They look to be about twelve. The poor things.”

“Still, they are so skinny.”

“He likes them like that. And at least we get paid.”


They were led to a dimly lit room where the children were then laid out onto beds. The mayor arrived just as they were both untied.


“Ohhh. Blonde hair. We don’t have their type here. Take off their gags.”


They did. While there were marks on their faces, it was still clear that they had smooth skin.


“Ohh, it’s smooth like cream. Small mouths, small noses, long lashes.”


The mayor’s fingers traced the lines of Chiharu’s face.


“And this one here.”


The mayor looked at Maki and seemed like he was about to drool.


“Such relaxed limbs. This is the moment before a boy turns into a man. How wonderful!”


Everyone else watching was disgusted, but they wanted their money.


“No one will follow them, will they?”

“They apparently came with the Midland soldiers, but they were ignored after coming to Gromble. They were forced to work in the flower fields to survive.”

“Oh, and their family?”

“They were supposed to have come to Gromble to rely on relatives. But since they never went, that story is very suspicious.”

“Hmm. Hmm. All the better. I was getting so bored now that those arrogant royals are gone. Good. I shall buy them.”

“Thank you.”


As this dark transaction went on, Maki and Chiharu were in a deep sleep.

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  1. Ugh, that’s disgusting. I hope this dude actually dies instead of the light sentences that normally happen in these types of novels.

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