Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 3

The Day We Expelled was the Day We Were Summoned

“What is this!”

The king and the dwarf had arrived at the scene. There were two girls with black hair that were groaning on the floor. The two who had arrived first were now covered in filth.

“It reeks of alcohol.”

The dwarf mumbled.

“It appears that the current Saintess is of a drinking age then.”

The king called after the priests who were frantically running around the room.

“The Saintess is not feeling her best. Hurry up and take her to her room so she can be cleaned. Aeris, Zynis, you two should take a bath. Then you can tell me about what happened in my office!”

The priests and knights immediately began to move. There were also two handmaidens who had had to wait idly for six months who looked excited to have something to do again.

“Sir knight, please offer the Saintess your shoulder.”

“Would it not be faster to carry her?”

“She will surely expel something again if you did that. We must not allow her to sway too much, move her slowly.”

Like this, nearly unconscious Maki and the very conscious and alert Chiharu were taken to their rooms. Indeed, Chiharu thought. Imagine if the first time you were carried like a princess was because you were being cared for as a drunkard.

The two were quickly cleaned with warm towels before being made to drink water that had a citrus smell. Then they were given pajamas that looked like bathrobes.

“The talk can wait for tomorrow.”

They were told as they were put into bed. Chiharu had resisted the idea of separate rooms, and so they shared a bed that was still spacious with two people in it. Seeing that they had settled in their covers, the handmaidens bid them goodnight.

“If you require anything, just ring the bell by the pillows. Now, goodnight.”


“What is it?”

“Thank you.”

Chiharu said in a quiet voice. The handmaid’s smiled and left.

Maki was sleeping peacefully next to her.

“You really are something, Maki-chan. Thank god tomorrow is a Saturday.”

She had no idea what was happening. But they hadn’t been asked to do anything impossible as was usual in these other world scenarios. They seemed to be kind people, seeing as that man had picked up and played with a stranger like Maki. She did not know what the future held, but she decided to just sleep for now.

It did not take long for there to be two sleeping people in the bed. The crowd who had gathered outside of the room, ears pressed against the door, sighed in relief.

“Well then. Let us return to my office. Sera, you will come as well.”


The king said to one of the handmaids. Two guards then moved to stand by the door. Then they went back to the office. In the office, waited the elf and beastman. Both were only half dry and had serious expressions. Aside from them, the chancellor, prince, king, dwarf and the handmaid called Sera were in the room. Then the king opened his mouth.

“Well, as they both had bangs, I could not tell which was the Saintess. Who of the two had the mark? Sera.”


Sera hesitated.

“What is it?”

“Um, they both had the mark.”

Both the prince and the chancellor, who had not been to the temple, shouted in surprise.

“Good lord! Two Saintesses this time!”

“What does it mean? It has no precedence.”

The king furrowed his eyebrows.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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