Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 2

The Day We Fell Was the Day We Expelled

“You are probably hiding her!”

“But you have been checking every day for half a year now.”

“It has been half a year since the last Saintess passed away. And the Miasma from the Shadow World only increases.”

“But there have not been any reports of health concerns yet.”

“Perhaps for the human territories. But unlike your lands, our elven territories are directly facing the Shadow World. The Miasma is on a completely different level to this country!”

“That being said, it is up to the Creator to summon a Saintess from other worlds. Just because the Temple happens to be in human territories, does not mean that our country has the means to do anything.”

In a place that looked like an office, a blonde haired man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties was shouting at a silver-haired elf who appeared to be a similar age. The scene was being witnessed by a beastman who leaned against the wall and a red-headed dwarf who sat by the table and drank ale. This scene had repeated itself nearly every day for the past six months.

This was the Sun World. It was said that the Creator made the world out of boredom. The world was largely split into two. The Sun World and the Shadow World. While they faced each other, there was no communion between them, as the Shadow World offered nothing but Miasma. It was believed that when God created the Sun World, he pushed everything he didn’t need to the side and sealed it into the Shadow World, which became the Miasma.

The Miasma would flow through mountains and enter the underground dungeons and give birth to monsters. Monster formed from Miasma would turn into magic stones, which enriched the Sun World. As long as the dungeons were properly managed, the Shadow World was nothing but a resource for the Sun World. However, Miasma would also leak into the Sun World through the sky. If this became too thick, people would become ill and crops would die. It was up to the Saintess to purify the world of Miasma.

Unfortunately, there were no Saintesses with such abilities native to this world. And so they had to be brought from other worlds. One each time. As long as that person was here, then the Miasma could be purified.

However, the previous Saintess was dead for six months now. And there were no signs of a new one appearing in the Temple. According to historical records, even the longest stretch had been three months.

While people weren’t falling from ailments just yet, the thicker Miasma caused people to become irritable, and there was a rise in criminal activity. What would happen if this continued for another six months?

It was the king of the humans who sighed with exasperation. Why couldn’t the Creator have made his own Saintess along with this world?

“Also, every time you keep the Saintess in human territories. The purification would have been much faster if she came to our lands. Our lands become thicker with Miasma every time there is a new Saintess. What do you say to that!”

“You may think that way, but it is not as if we are keeping them here. What are we supposed to do if she says that she is afraid of riding an airship?”

The king was reminiscing. The previous Saintess had been a quiet person. She had made a small fruit garden and vegetable field inside of her shrine in the royal palace. There she had lived, rarely speaking to anyone. But when she did greet visitors, she would offer delicious sweets and tea. It was not as if she disliked the company of others. However…

“And then she said that she was afraid of beastfolk. But she did show an interest in trains fueled by magic stones. She even visited the Dwarf kingdom.”

“Hmm. They say that she really enjoyed the Dwarven food too. But she did not stay that long.”

The old dwarf chimed in with a slow voice. The elven youth walked around the room irritably.

“Why does God always summon from the same country? Every single time it is a timid person. I’m sure the next one will visit the Dwarves but refuse to ride airships as well. But the only other option is to cross through the mountains…”

“Ladies tend to hate the mountains and its bugs.”

The beastman muttered. Perhaps he was in the canine family. His almost white, ash-colored ears grew from the top of his head, his hair was long and flowed down to his back. He also had a tail that swayed quietly behind him.

“I know! That is why we use airships!”

“The beastfolk are just as troubled as you. Their people have become restless. If she is so afraid of them, maybe we could put her in a cage and take her there…”

“Are you stupid? As if she would want to visit their kingdom in such a state!”

“Well, it’s the same with the elf country too.”


The king of the humans said as he furrowed his eyebrows.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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