Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 2


“There is no point in complaining now. Unlike you lot who have retired, I am still the king of my country. So please allow me to do my job…”

Out of nowhere, a sudden sharp ringing could be heard. The atmosphere in the room changed in an instant.

“That is…”

“The coming of the Saintess!”

“Quickly! To the Temple!”

The elf and the beastman rushed out of the room. Their servants shortly followed after them with exasperated expressions.

“There is no need to rush. People are stationed in the Temple at all times…”

The king said tiredly. The dwarf laughed and said:

“But they have waited so long. And also, something feels different this time. This Saintess must be quite powerful. We should go and see her as well.”

“Well, nothing good will come from leaving everything to those two.”

At the same time, Chiharu and Maki were slouching with crossed arms.

“What? What?”

“Just now, my stomach felt like how it does when you go down a slope in a car.”

Chiharu seemed frantic, but Maki replied to her lazily.

“I guess so? But Maki-chan, look at this place.”


They were supposed to have been at the bar only a moment ago. They had opened the door and went outside. So why were Chiharu and Maki now sitting down on a hard stone pedestal? Why were they in a cathedral-like place with such a high ceiling? Why were they surrounded by so many foreign people?

“Two Saintesses?”

“Which one?”

That was what they heard.

“Is this a film set?”

“Their Japanese is very fluent. Maybe they are extras. We’re probably in the way, let’s move.”

Maki slowly stood up but immediately sat down again.

“Nope, my legs have gone.”

“Yeah, let’s just drag ourselves off then.”

They held on to each other as they slowly descended from the pedestal.

Just then, there was a screeching sound as a door was opened. A large person held the door open as a man with long hair came running into the room.

“Where is the Saintess! Ohh! Oh?”

He froze. Behind him, the larger man followed as he walked slowly. Huh? Dog ears? When they looked down they could see a big furry tail wagging behind him. As drunk as they may have been, they were modern people. This situation was impossible.

“Another world…summoning…”

As Chiharu mumbled in shock, Maki began to walk towards that man with her wobbly legs.


No! That’s just a human with dog ears and a tail! Maki slipped through Chiharu’s fingers and would not be stopped. By the way, Rasche was the name of Maki’s family’s golden retriever. Chiharu had seen pictures before. But didn’t he have folded ears?

“It’s short for Patrasche.”

“Do you want him to die?”

Chiharu couldn’t help but make a joke, but Rasche was 12 years old this year and would likely live a long life. Maki had been so fond of the dog that she said parting with him was her only regret when moving into her own place.

Maki swayed as she approached him, her arms stretching out to his ears. The man with dog ears looked both a little concerned and a little happy as he stared back. Then he picked Maki up as he would a child and lifted her into the air. High. High. Maki giggled like a little girl.

Oh, this was bad! Chiharu frantically ran forward to make him put Maki down, but something tripped her. Yes, it was her right leg that had tripped her left. Oh, right. I’m so drunk…

She thought as the ground came closer to her face. Just then, someone rushed from the side and caught her. It was the other man.

Ah, such long ears. Smooth white hair. Blue eyes. What a pretty older man.

But, I’m sorry. No one should ever pick up a drunkard with hands around their waist and lift them in the air like that.

Obviously, she puked.

The Temple went dead silent. Then there was pandemonium. The dog-eared man and the long-eared man could not move from shock for quite some time.

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Translator’s Note:

Patrasche is the dog from The Dog of Flanders.

Also, isn’t this chapter’s title the best?

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    • Rofl, at least they were not summoned by typical supremacist isekai kingdoms with the slave/black company route as that would of definitely got them killed. xD

  1. It has shown a lot of potential till now. If it doesnt goes astray , It will become good Rom-com novel. Drunk saint on the move!!!!

  2. Looool what’s with the development? And the first part too! This is getting good real quick lol
    Thanks for the hard work, bookmarked!

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