Ryusousha – 36


“Well, the thing is, I always thought I was going to inherit my father’s bakery.”

“I see. You used to talk about that a lot.”


I was five when I started to really think about the bakery. So Linda would have known about it.


“The Dragon Mark appeared last year, but I’m still not over my old dream.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

She said bluntly.


“Per-perhaps. But I’ve been trying to figure out if I can’t be a baker and a Dragon Master at the same time.”

I was also the Queen’s Right Hand. But I couldn’t tell Linda about that.


“A part-time baker? I don’t think so. Besides, Dragon Masters must obey the Five Articles. Anyone can open a store. I doubt they will allow you to do something so menial like that.”

Of course, Linda was right.


As an example, imagine a place that was incredibly harsh and people were wounded on a daily basis.

In such a place, healers would be very important.

And what if there was someone who had that power, but instead of healing people, they worked hard doing something completely unrelated. How would others feel?


They might try and persuade the healer at first. But eventually, their words would turn to threats.

Either that or exasperation and eventually hatred.


‘It’s such a waste. Why aren’t you using your power to help others?’ they would say.


This country was plagued by the threat of the Moon Beasts. If a Dragon Master didn’t fulfill his duty and wasted time in a bakery instead, how would people think? It was quite obvious.


Even if it was just a second business.

Dragon Masters didn’t know when they would be deployed, and so it would be difficult to run a bakery.


–I will only sell bread when the store happens to be open.


Such a place could not survive.


Prepare the dough, get ready to bake; attack.

In the middle of baking the bread; attack.

While tending to the store; attack.


What would happen to it while I was gone?


“I guess, it really isn’t possible.’

“Maybe as a minor hobby. But it can’t be your profession.”


Linda’s answer gave me no hope at all.


“…I really need to make plans for my future.”

As I thought this, the voices from below grew louder.


“Isn’t it time?”

“Oh, the ceremony.”


“The hunters aren’t allowed into the auditorium, so they’re probably seeing them off at the entrance.”

We looked over the terrace and saw a crowd of people walking. I should go too.


I stood up, but she grabbed my arm.

“Hey. I won’t be able to contact you, so can you send me a letter?”


“A letter?”

When we were this close? The only thing between our schools was the road.


“We’re only allowed to write to our families here. But if you write to me first, I’m allowed to reply.”

That’s a strange system.


“…Uh, sure. I don’t mind writing a letter.”

“Good. Don’t forget, alright? I’ll be waiting!”


“Understood. Well, I better go to the ceremony now.”

“Yes. Good luck, darling.”


“Hey, knock it off.”

I chuckled.


Linda also laughed. But her eyes were completely serious.

Huh. They had only been half-serious earlier…

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  1. Like they said, the most dangerous among the wolf hunters are the ones who aren’t part of the pack… Good hunt lady.

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