Ryusousha – 31


“Yeah. I’m going to enter the Dragon Academy today.”

I showed her my left hand.


“What? The Dragon Mark? No…way?”


For some reason, she was stunned.

Had I really not shown it to her before?


Well, it was on such a noticeable part of my body.

Though, I did put on gloves after finishing with the dough.


But as I worked early, I probably hadn’t met Mira while I was doing that yet.


Of course, Mister Rob and Missus Faine and even the other workers, Cale and Miranda had noticed it immediately.


“Well, I don’t want the town’s people to know, so I usually wear gloves. Sorry for not telling you.”

I said, in hopes that she wouldn’t get angry.


They only made as much bread as they could sell out in a day.

So they would prepare the ingredients the previous night and then make the dough early in the morning.


Everything was finished by the time Mira got up. During the day, I would help with the ovens or deal with customers, and so I wore gloves to hide the mark.


In that case, Kuchino probably didn’t know either.

Though, I later found out that she did.

Cale had secretly told her.


“Wait, so that means you’re going to be a Dragon Master. Then why are you training at a bakery?”

She wasn’t wrong.


“Because I’ve been making bread for as long as I can remember. I haven’t even had this Dragon Mark for a year yet. How can you expect me to suddenly change?”


I understood why she was confused but I had my reasons.


There was no changing the fact that I was to become a Dragon Master. However, I still hadn’t given up being a baker either.

And so I didn’t see the harm in continuing to train.


And so I wanted to work here while attending the academy.


“…You’re really weird.”

“You think so?”


“This is the Royal Capital. No one will leave you alone if you have the Dragon Mark. You could be more popular than most nobles or knights. …I can’t believe you would rather train at a bakery.”


“Still, you won’t tell anyone, will you?”


“Of course, not. If it was known that someone from the academy worked here, people would swarm around the store to see. It would be a disaster.”


“You’re exaggerating.”

And I really thought she was.


“Are you open?”

A voice rang from outside the store.




Mira answered.

It was actually a little early to be open, but the smell of freshly baked bread was probably already spreading outside.


Sometimes, customers would be lured in by such smells.


I went back and continued preparing the dough. After a while, I heard arguing coming from outside.

Mira was fighting with a customer again.


Mira. She needed to fix her personality a little.

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