Ryusousha – 35


“Oh, she got married. She worked and prepared so much in order to get into the Royal Academy. And she tried hard for 3 years, just as daddy told her to. However, the competition is severe.”


I had a feeling that I knew what she was talking about.

It had something to do with how I had been surrounded earlier.


I had been surrounded by dozens of them and they all wanted to be Patrons. Her sister’s chances of succeeding would not have been high.


“I see. So, I guess he told you that it’s your turn now?”


“Oh, I think he’s given up in my case. As you can see, I’m not even participating in the preparations.”

“Preparations… There were more than 700 people back there. Were they all hunting Dragon Masters?”


“Well, to be very honest, I don’t think that even half of them have the money to be Patrons.”

But even half was a lot.


“That’s still impressive.”


“Really? Well, it’s not just a family matter. If I didn’t exist, daddy would have just selected a daughter from a member of his company and had her enter the school. I am quite sure of it.”


“I see…”


An especially large company might be able to send someone every year.

Even those who put a lot of importance on blood ties could still look for people in their extended family.

Interesting. So that’s what was happening back there.


“But you fit the requirements and are here. But you don’t care to participate?”


“Well, in my case, I just entered the school because of the prestige. I intend on inheriting daddy’s business one day.”


You could go anywhere without shame if you were a graduate of the Royal Academy.

After all, it was the place where candidates for Patrons went.

It proved how high the demands were for the students.


“Indeed. So I guess things are still going very well with the company.”


“You can say that. Daddy has a good eye for crafters. He discovered a few young and brilliant ones here as well. Now the workshop is at full-capacity operation, I think.”


I had always seen her father as a clever manager, and he seemed he have only improved since coming here.


“Still, Leon… Hey. It’s so strange, isn’t it? Since when?”


“I think it was the 7th month of last year. It happened suddenly when I was walking in the streets. I passed out from severe pain. And when I woke up, I was back at my house.”


“Really? Then that means it…”

Linda pointed at my Dragon Mark.


“Yeah. People saw it and the rumors spread. There was a line in front of the bakery the next day.”

“Ahh. Daddy is really going to regret everything.”




“He was successful because of the people of Sol, but he then moved to the Royal Capital. Some people saw it as him being ungrateful, and he doesn’t have any ties. So he was unable to get any information.”


She explained that when they moved, traders, hired craftsmen, and stores that sold their furniture were all greatly inconvenienced, to put it mildly.


He had made new connections in the city, and so cut off the old ones. But as it had happened so suddenly, many people held a grudge against him.


“Well, that’s no surprise. If he still had connections in Sol, we could have sent letters whenever someone came for work-related business.”


It had been a very big company. It would not have been difficult.


And so it had not been hard to guess that things were not well in terms of his relationship with the town.


“…So, Leon. Have you already decided?”

“Decided what?”


“Don’t play dumb. Your Patron. PATRON.”


An odd glow appeared in Linda’s eyes.

So, there was a hunter right here as well.

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  1. Wow.. Suddenly introducing a childhood friend.. I am geting excited for what will happen next.. Hehehe.. Anyway thanks for the new chapter!! ☺️

    • Isn’t the majesty already choose his patron back then, you know the merchant infiltration mission before he go to academy ? Or it’s me that mistaken the explanation of patron for this story ?

      • In second chapter.

        “It’s already been 9 months since I started.

        It was now January 7th.”

        Current time is April as he also said in the same chapter

        “On April of last year, I entered the ‘Dragon Academy’ in order to learn to become a Ryusousha(dragon operator).”

        He is 17 in this

        In Chapter 3 he is 16 years old and he stakeout a merchant by order of the queen. His brother in law suspect it is to investigate potential patron. There is no way the queen would allow just anybody to be his patron. In this chapter his daily routine involve the bakery and sneaking so it suggest it happen after he work at bakery but not before he is 17 .

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