Ryusousha – 13


“Even I was caught by it once. I think it would be very hard for someone to avoid them the first time. It’s a terribly difficult detection barrier to deal with.”


“Oh, is that right? And Leon.”


She was going to change the subject again.


“I grant you complete absolution. It must have been very hard to get here. You can meet me directly next time. So it should be a little easier for you.”


“Y-your Majesty, is that wise…”

“Yes. It will be harder for us to protect you…”


The Left Hands said in alarm.


“It’s fine. He is Harui’s son. …Besides, could all of you even stop Leon if he was serious?”


“Yes, if we did our best.”

“We would not let him or anyone else through.”

“You shall be protected.”


“I’m glad to see such dedication, but I don’t believe it at all. Anyway, it had been decided.”

Her Majesty said, and everyone fell silent.



As for me, I felt very left behind and didn’t know what to do.

I had only just learned today that the Queen had such a personality.


“So, you will all arrange it so that Leon can visit me whenever he wants to. Furthermore, he will now be permitted to bring his weapons and to use magic.”



Was that what she meant by complete absolution…?

Really? Weapons and magic?


I looked towards the Left Hands.

They looked like they had bitten into something very bitter. There was anger for sure.

Some of them looked like they were on the verge of tears.


“Take Leon’s bracelet off of him. He can’t use magic with it on, can he?”

The Queen said, and so one of her maids came to remove it.


“I suppose that’s all we have to talk about. Well, at least we can meet any time now.”

She said as she whacked her fan against her hand.


The sound echoed throughout the room.

That seemed to be a signal, and everyone started to move hurriedly.


“Well, I should take my leave then.”

“Since you are here, why don’t you show it to me?”


What? Oh, she was surely talking about magic.


“Do you mean Shadow Crossing?”

“Yes. Why don’t you use it to leave?”


“If I have your permission, Your Majesty.”

It would make things much easier, that was for sure.


“Of course. Complete absolution. You can use it whenever you like.”

Yes, she had said that.


“Then I won’t hesitate…”

And with that, my body dissolved into the shadows.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    I see that Leon is still being a complete meathead. Maybe someone some day will actually point out to Leon why he’s being a meathead? Nahhhhhhhh that would make sense.

  2. So I wonder what exactly is the queen’s relation to Harui and Leon? Is Harui related to her like he’s a brother or cousin or something? The way she talks about him and treats Leon seem more intimate than if they were good friends and I can’t see it being because she had some romantic interest in Harui. She has given Leon permission to meet her whenever and that he doesn’t have to go through all the security checks and precautions when he meets her. All of that seems way too much favor and being nice toward an old flame’s child.

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