Ryusousha – 4


Yeah, right. Well, maybe not.

Unlike us ‘Right Hands,’ the ‘Left Feet’ did not fight. So it would be difficult.


“So, that’s why there was no information beforehand.”

“Well, we knew he was pretty much innocent. I was ninety percent sure it was about finding a patron.”


“Then you could have told me first.”

“Well, unexpected encounters are important for these kinds of things, aren’t they?”


Unexpected encounters are not supposed to be set up like this. Damn it.


Infiltrating and searching for ‘something’ was what I did all of the time, and so I hadn’t thought too deeply about it.


“Anyway, about the investigation report. I’ll drop by to pick it up this afternoon, so finish writing it by then.”

“Afternoon? That’s quite early.”


“Her Majesty is very impatient. As the fastest of the ‘Right Feet,’ I’m the one that is going to deliver it to her.”

“From here to the royal castle? You’re a strange one, brother.”


I wouldn’t want to go.

Security was tight in the capital. It was scary.


“I’ll go anywhere if it’s for Her Majesty. Maybe we’ll meet over there.”

“…I wouldn’t count on it. I’m going to travel slowly, so we probably won’t see each other.”


“In any case, just get the report ready for me by the afternoon.”

“I’ll try. …Well then, for Her Majesty.”


“Aye, for Her Majesty.”

We ended the conversation with those words. And then I melted into the shadows.




The man was alone now. He looked in the direction that Leon had disappeared in, but there were only shadows.


“…I always wonder. Shouldn’t ‘Shadow Crossing’ be faster than the speed at which we ‘Left Feet’ travel?”


And then Christan looked at the mansion that Leon had snuck into.

It didn’t seem like anyone had noticed. It was quiet.


“He clearly hasn’t realized just how difficult it is to infiltrate this place. It’s ridiculous at his age. Really.”


So, this trade merchant who was hated in his country and distrusted in Makoku had now come to live in Ryukoku.

It was a good thing too. But perhaps due to prior experience, he had the latest magic barrier protecting his house.


Maybe the fact he had a young daughter was one reason for that.

Still, he must have had some good connections to acquire the latest and best magic barrier.


This detection barrier was so new, that there was no established method of disarming it.

It was too difficult, that Her Majesty’s Shadows had thrown in the towel.


Leon had been given 10 days to do it.

They had expected him to get in once at the most during that time.


And yet somehow, he had infiltrated it every night and returned in the morning. Christan was stunned when he first heard this.


“Things will be very lonely here in Sol when he leaves. Maybe I should request to be transferred to the capital. But my wife is so scary…and will definitely be against it. What should I do…”


He muttered. But there was no one there to answer him.

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  1. At first I thought the bro in law was shady as hell but it turns out that he’s nothing more than a whipped husband with a job that makes him work night shifts.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Still not making a lot of sense. Also, no idea if this is before or after the whole dragon business. May even be something else entirely, like a dream or paralel world, those would also fit for now. At least it’s a bit fun and interesting.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

      • I think it’s before, as some prologues give us a glimpse into the future to get us interested in the book.

    • Yeah, the way it sounds, this is likely before the dragon thing. As he sounded like he had been working as a shadow for a while before the mark appeared, or was put there. It also seems, if I’m remembering right, that he was working in the Capital when the mark appeared, which seemed at the time to be a continuation of the trip with his father

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