Flower Field Demon King – 21



In the next instant, the others returned to themselves.



“Change! No objection!!”

“No objection!”

“No objection!

“No objection! Change!!”

One after another, they shouted.

This was an unimaginably insolent thing to do to a rank two god, and yet the villagers showed no hesitation.


“Wait! Now, wait a second! What don’t you guys like about me!! Don’t you know that I’m the sun god and the war god!? See! Aren’t I cool! Just take a look at these muscles!!”

He said as he slapped his biceps. Darten was clearly flustered by all of this, however, Qudels and the others were merciless in their reply.


“Don’t like? Well, how about the fact that you’re a man?”

“I don’t like cocky men.”

“I don’t like men with too much muscle…”

The last remark was from the chief herself. Darten fell weakly to his knees.

Apparently, having his physique rejected was the same as being dealt a mortal wound.


“So, you must now take your leave. Also, if you don’t mind, please send us a beautiful and sensuous goddess instead.”

“We are totally not changing! Besides, I already incarnated!!”

As Qudels waved his hand in an attempt to shoo him away, Darten shouted tearfully.


Incarnation. It was the process in which gods, who were spiritual beings, became trapped within a physical body of this world.

While there were restrictions, such as not being able to return to the heavens until they died, they were able to live very comfortable lives as well.

And as they were able to have children with the creatures on the ground, the whole process was very appealing to gods who fancied the idea of romance.


However, accomplishing it required twice as much magic than a mere summoning.

And so Qudels was likely one of the only people who was able to easily offer the amount of energy a second-ranking god would require for an incarnation.


“…Tsk. Incarnation. How annoying. I offered too much energy just because I expected a goddess to come.”

“You! You’re thinking of doing something very evil, aren’t you!? I feel such crazy bad energy from you!!”

Qudels clicked his tongue angrily as Darten accused him.


But, even this god was unable to know what Qudels was thinking.

After all, in Qudels’s heart was a plan that exceeded his imagination. Something only a Demon King would think of.


“I suppose I have no choice then. This town is in desperate need of a goddess that is beautiful and appealing. And so I must make you leave by force.”

“Are you serious!? You-you’re going to try and fight me! But I’m a rank two god of battle!? That’s ridiculous!!”

In spite of his words, Darten could actually feel the power from Qudels, and he knew that he was no ordinary man.


—This guy isn’t human!

At least…he is as strong as any other rank-two god.

Could he be a dragon who is disguised as a human?

No, judging by this energy, he is a Demon King!? But he is too strong!!

I’ll be killed if I’m not careful!

With this life-threatening power in front of him, Darten’s thong seemed to shrink a little.


“Hehehe. I see that even your balls have shrunk in fear. How pathetic.”

“Sh-shut up! God, you’re so annoying!! Who are you! You’re totally not even human!!”

Upon hearing this, Qudels fixed the position of his glasses. Then, as he unleashed immense energy, he said:


“It’s a secret.”

In the next instant, the entire territory of the ravaged village was covered in colorful flowers.

It had turned into a flower field.

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  1. That’s it Qudels, mulch this pretty fukboi’s ass and fertilize the fields so that they may provide for generations of happy peasants!

  2. Hahahahaha I love this story! It’s sooooo wild and unpredictable! The only reliable thing going on is that the characters will definitely do something absurd!! More please!!!! I haven’t laughed so hard at a chapter in a while!.

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