Jack of all Trades – 241


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Back in our room, we sat facing each other on opposite sides of the table after putting down our belongings. The table was covered in food.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi.”

“I was quite anxious and was preparing myself for this serious story you were going to tell me.”

“Oh, yes. Well, I can speak while eating, you know.”


She said as she reached for a box of noodles. She took in a mouthful and then smiled happily.


“I want it back.”


“My resolve.”

“You should have put it away in your bag.”


Grrr… This woman was too dedicated to her appetite…!


Oh, well. That was Daniela. I fell in love with all of the sides of her, so there was no use complaining now. I gave up and picked up a box of the same noodles.


“Mmmggmm…So? What are they?”

“Something that was passed down in my homeland. While they make effective weapons, they were originally ceremonial treasures.”

“Ceremonial treasures?”


Something used for ceremonies, I suppose.


“Yes. They were used for many years. Perhaps through refining or some other transition, they turned into sacred treasures.”

“Back where I’m from, they used to say that souls lived inside objects that were treasured for a long time. Maybe it’s like that?”


What they call tsukumogami. Tools that were used for a hundred years would be inhabited by a soul or spirit.


“Indeed. It is similar to that. And so the long-used rapier and bow became sacred treasures. They are almost legendary among some light elves.’

“Legendary weapons, huh…”


Her rapier definitely had the look of a legendary sword. Like Excalibur.


“So it’s incredibly rare then.”

“Yes. Not many people know of it, but those that do will want it.”

“So that’s why Eve was after it…”


And she had targetted it after one hundred years. But perhaps acquiring a legendary weapon was worth that effort.


“But I am the only one who can use these.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was chosen by the weapons. And only chosen elves can wield them.”

“The sacred treasures choose their wielder?”

“Aye. It has to do with bloodlines. Back home, I was chosen as the maiden of the tree of life and death.”

“I see.”


Bloodlines and legendary weapons. Beauty. Who’s the protagonist now…


“My mother…had lived as the maiden for many years. But I took her place when I was born. Of course, it was shortly after that that the stampede occurred.”



The loathsome stampede that had destroyed her home. Daniela’s parents have been killed in front of her eyes. And the result was a trauma she carried for years. Time seemed to have stopped for her since then. But Daniela said that things changed once she met me. And her trauma was starting to weaken.


“Well, I have continued to live as the maiden who was chosen by the rapier and bow. Not that I conduct myself as a maiden in any way.”

“I see… No, that was a very interesting story. Thanks for telling me.”

“Do not mention it. I had been meaning to tell you about it. But it is such a dull tale that I needed a good meal to get me through it”

“That’s not true. Besides, it means a lot to know more about your past.”



In fact, I really knew very little about Daniela’s past. She didn’t talk about it much, but part of it was because I knew we would always be together whether regardless of how much knowledge I had. And she would answer when I did ask her. But sometimes I worried about asking too many questions and accidentally stepping on a land mine.

In any case, I was happy to hear her talk.


“I know. You tell me something about yourself, Asagi. Let me see… Tell me about your childhood.”

“You want to hear a story about some stupid kid?”

“Yes, tell me about the stupid kid.”


What a curious person. Oh, well. I had to return the favor, I suppose. A legendary story about my childhood. It was a real sidesplitter, so I hoped she was ready.


“But first, what exactly would happen if someone else tried to use your weapons?”

“They would be surrounded by darkness and have the life sucked out of them.”

“The life…”

“And then their soul would forever be disconnected from the cycle and will wander, lost in the world.”

“Lost in the world…”

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  1. I guess it makes sense that people will kill her not only for the weapons but to be the master of the weapon albeit with their low chance of getting approved by the weapons.


  2. Now that we know about the Sacred Treasures I feel like that jackass Adlus will end up somehow finding out about them and try to steal them before getting killed by them when he lays a hand on them.

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