Cave King – 50


Mel didn’t go to the fire, but stopped in front of Ril.

And it was looking straight at the fish that Ril was holding.


Ril’s head tilted to the side at first, but then she offered the grilled fish to Mel.


Apparently, she was asking if Mel wanted to eat it.


“Uh, Ril… I don’t think that’s… What!?”


It wasn’t just me, but even Baris and Rienna were surprised.


This was because Mel had bitten into the fish that Ril was offering.


“Me-Mel! It has bones in it!”


However, what we then heard were the sounds of small bones being crushed inside of Mel’s throat.




While I watched in stunned silence, Mel seemed to really enjoy the fish, and continued to gobble it down.


Did pigeons really eat like this?

Not only that, But Mel had only just hatched a moment ago…


Baris also thought that it was very strange.

And so he opened his mouth as if to speak for me.


“Hmm…This Mel. Perhaps it is not a pigeon after all.”

“But Haines said that it was a pigeon.”

“Yes. It definitely has the shape of a pigeon. But perhaps it’s a different kind of bird that happens to have a similar appearance. Wasn’t the egg buried under ground?”

“That’s true… There’s no way that it was a normal egg.”


I didn’t know how long that it had been down there.

However, if I had been there for many years… How could it possibly have gone undamaged?

It was true that there was no way that it could be such a common bird.


Once Mel had eaten to its hearts content, it immediately lay down and started to sleep with a satisfied expression.


And so Rienna picked Mel up.


“Does it really matter what Mel is? A baby is a baby.”

“…Uh, you’re right. Mel is our friend and an important part of this island now.”


Yes, it didn’t matter what it was.

This was a place where former enemies now lived together. There were humans like me and some weird little old man… That’s the kind of place this was.


Upon hearing Rienna and me say this, Baris smiled gently, which was not exactly something that matched his intimidating appearance.


And so we talked about Mel’s future while eating our dinner.

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    • We still can’t be sure yet, but I don’t think it’s a baby phoenix. Red or yellow would match a phoenix better than pure white.

      • Phoenix seems very unlikely for the fact the other eggs they found in the cave were dead which doesn’t fit the whole rebirth thing they got going for them

  1. I think it’s a baby griffin it has the eagle characteristics and will probably get its secondary characteristics later (aka the lion part)

  2. Mystery hatchling, will need to wait for the author to decide, I guess 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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