Cave King – 71


Yes, that would make them the perfect targets for training.

The various changes in weather and your body feeling heavier were ways they recreated harsh environments.

Fule turned to me.

“We’ll be able to train with magic and martial arts here.”

“Yeah. I think Erevan would be happy…”

If I knew him like I thought I did. He would actually enjoy training while feeling heavier.

“Yes! Father will be so happy about it! He’s always saying how no one here except for Taran can put up a decent fight. I’ll go and call him now!”

“Thanks. It should make up for yesterday…”

And so Fule got back on the train and headed for the surface.

Yes, this would be very useful for training…however, there was also a problem.

The thing was, I wanted to keep digging towards the back.

“Shiel. Could you do that to just a certain sector of this room?”

And so Shiel made it rain in just the back.

And then little by little, the rain moved from the right to the left.

On closer inspection, I saw that there were small holes in the floor where the water drained out.

“So, you can. In that case, this place can be a training ground for everyone.”

And not just for fighting. It would be good for getting exercise, if there is anyone who doesn’t move around enough.

“Hey, Shiel. Is there anything else?”

Shiel seemed to think about it for a while before nodding slowly.

However, she looked at me again as if not sure I was serious.

“It’s fine. You’ll hold back a little, right?”

And so Shiel held the stone used to control the room.

“Lord Heal!”

At the same time, Rienna’s voice echoed from behind me.

“Oh, Rienna. What? Huh!”

I turned around to see Rienna running towards me without any clothes on.

Then she purred sweetly as she pounced on me.

“Ri-Rienna! Where are your clothes!?”

“Lord Heal! I love you!”

She then tried to kiss me with a childlike persistence.

“Uh, no, I… But in a place like this! Oh…”

This was all very impossible… I see. It was an illusion.

However, it was so detailed and realistic as well… I was suddenly worried about how this would be used.

In any case, I was not to be fooled so easily…

It was right when I thought this.


My eyes turned towards the entrance, and I saw a shocked Rienna standing by the entrance.

This Rienna was properly dressed and carrying a basket of fruits.

“Lo-Lord Heal… Why are you…”

“It-it’s not what you think, Rienna! It really isn’t! I swear!”

“You somehow captured my likeness and… Oh, I did not think you to be that kind of person.”

Her expression turned colder than I had ever seen. She may as well have been looking at an insect.

“You’re wrong! Shiel! Help me!”

Shiel squeezed the stone.

And then the Rienna that clung to me, and the Rienna that glared at me, both disappeared.

“Bo-both of them were illusions?”

Shiel nodded.

“I-I see…”

I had only just had breakfast with Rienna.

So it would have been odd for her to come down at this time.

And yet I had mistaken her for the real Rienna.

And I panicked… It was a good thing that it wasn’t real.

Regardless, that face she had made…to be honest…  No, I couldn’t think about that now!

In any case, this place would be quite useful for training.

And I could train myself to be stronger against illusions.

If we used the Magic Absorbing Crystals, Rienna and Baris would be able to practice using magic to their heart’s content.

They could use high-power spells that they would not be able to use outside.

And like that, it was decided that the chamber would be Sheorl’s new training ground.

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    • Oh dear…

      If I was looked at as if I were an insect, even I would lose the will to live. If it were just an illusion, then I would experience a sense of loss…

      [If we used the Magic Absorbing Crystals, Rienna and baris would be able to practice using magic to their heart’s content.]
      * baris —> Baris

  1. Oh no, I’m sure that illusion feature is good for training, but my mind thinks of other… ways, abusive ways. Oh well, if any baddie gets there, it would be a great opportunity for some mental torture.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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