Cave King – 200

Chapter 200 – An Ominous Feeling!?


Inside of the opened coffin, there was a corpse that was now a skeleton. It wore a crown on its head, and carried a scepter.

Was it the corpse of a king…?

Without thinking, we moved into a fighting stance. As it had been gathering magic energy, there was a good chance that it was an Undead.

Upon seeing the body, Rulat shouted.

“Th-that scepter!?”

Apparently, he had detected something with the scepter that the skeleton was holding.

The scepter was a gleaming gold. In spite of resting within a coffin for so long, it had not rusted at all, and maintained its polish. And on the tip, there was something like a sculpture of a great tree.

The scepter looked very expensive… However, it was the thing that was gathering all of the magic energy.

So it wasn’t the skeleton that was gathering the energy, it was the scepter. Perhaps it was made of something like Hihiirokane.

For some reason, Rulat began to prostrate in front of it.

“He-hey. What are you doing all of a sudden?”

Fule asked. The blood seemed to drain from Rulat’s face as he replied.

“Th-that is His Royal Majesty, the founder of Arancia, King Aland! He will surely save us!”

So it was the bones of the first king and founder of Arancia. Indeed, the crown and scepter were worthy of such a person.

However, there was something odd about Rulat.
He hardly even noticed that Fule and I were there now, and he continued to prostrate himself on the floor.

Was it because of the crystal that was next to the coffin?
But strangely, it had no effect on Fule or me.

“No…he will resurrect! The king of the underground is the first king!”

It wasn’t just Rulat. Now, the other people of the holy place who were around us were also falling to the ground. Among them, there was even a thin man who was wearing a crown. It must be the current king of Arancia.

Fule realized that there was no point in talking to Rulat, whose eyes shone as he gazed at the bones. And so she turned to me with a frantic look.

“King Ludis.”
“Ah, this…”

Fule and I had recalled the same thing.

When Oren had resurrected Lopez.

That time, Oren had sacrificed his attendants in order to bring Lopez back.

If the Arancian royals and nobles here were just being used as a sacrifice…

I turned to Taran and nodded.

Taran immediately shot out her webs towards the scepter and pulled it towards her.

At the same time, I unleashed wind magic at the crystal in order to shatter it.

“What!? What have you done?!”

Not only Rulat, but the others glared at me angrily.

“Return it! Return it immediately!”
“Are you trying to get us all killed!?”

And then they all started to move towards us.

So even with the crystal destroyed, their minds were still not freed.

“Lord Heal. We should…”
“Aye, let’s run!”

And so we quickly went back into the tunnel that I had dug.

At the same time, I took out boulders from my Inventory in order to block the way so that we could not be pursued.

As Taran was carrying us on her back, we were able to escape from the tunnels easily.

Once we were out, Fule asked,

“So, what should we do, Lord Heal?”
“Let’s go back. Perhaps the brain washing will wear off with time. Or perhaps they can be cured with the leaves of the World Tree.”

After hearing these words, Taran began to run towards the exit of the holy place.

However, a sound suddenly echoed from the entire area.

“Stop!! I cannot resurrect without that!”
“King Aland!? Do you mean to resurrect by killing all of your descendants!?”
“Those are not my descendants!! They are the descendants of the enemy who killed me!!”

In any case, we had to get out of here.

Taran did not stop moving, and she tried to jump towards the entrance that I had dug.

“I won’t let you escape!! If you get in my way, I will turn you into carcasses!!”

The same voice echoed again, and then tall fences grew out of the ground and blocked our path.

“Hahaha! Did you see that!? Now you cannot escape! While it seems like you are good at digging, you will not be able to do that while on the run… What?”

I raised my hands towards the fence and unleashed a giant ball of fire.

There was a loud boom as it exploded, and the fence turned into rubble.

“Wh-what!? What is that magic!?”

The voice was clearly frantic now.

The wind magic I had used earlier was nothing special. And so they had not expected me to use magic like this, which I had learned from Elto.

Well, maybe I should just destroy…

If the people of the holy place are sacrifices, then the speaker would not hurt them before it could use them. So no matter what I did to the holy place, the people should not be harmed.

I had feared that earlier, and so I had dug a hole. But there was no need to hold back now.

Taran slowly moved through the area that I had destroyed.

And then when we reached the last entrance to the holy place, I also destroyed it with fire magic.

“M-my iron defense mechanisms?!”

When the voice rang again, I answered.

“Unfortunately for you, we are leaving.”
“W-wait! No, please wait!! I beg you!! I will reveal myself to you now.”

Once we were outside of the holy place, I turned around.

And then a thin light appeared in front of us.

After a while, it started to take a human shape…

Fule’s mouth dropped open.

“Lord Heal…that…”
“Aye, it’s…”

What stood before us, was a hairy, short and stout old man.

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    • Considering Mappa was around when the nearby ruins were in use, a dwarf who ended up in this city could be a descendant of someone who’s related to Mappa.

      Mappa might be HIS great great great uncle or something.

  1. Gotta be kind of delusional to think showing him you’re a dwarf is going to make any difference on whether he agrees to let you kill some people. Especially considering he himself is a human.

    • It’s not about what race he is that’s important. It’s about whether or not these people deserve to be killed or not and they definitely deserve it. Apparently their ancestors killed this dwarf probably after betraying him and while normally I’d say that their descendants should not be held accountable for their sins, these guys are human garbage so it shouldn’t matter if they get killed. Apart from the princess that left the Sacred Place to help the commoners and maybe her father who had suspiciously fallen ill and paved the way for the Prime Minister to take command -probably after being the one to poison the king in the first place- not one of the other people from there have been decent people. Everybody specifically chose to abandon the commoners to the monsters and starvation while they can stay safe behind a barrier and eat as much as they want. And the Prime Minister’s son Rulat specifically was mentioned to go outside to kidnap people to either torture or if they’re women then probably rape them until the break and he also tried to use them as hostages to force Heal to hand over their robots. Point being that these guys have enough sins in the present time that it would be a karmic punishment to let them all be sacrificed to revive this dwarf. Whether Heal would allow it is another story given how he easily forgave his father and brothers despite all they did to him.

  2. Uh y’know what? Maybe they should let this guy kill them all to be resurrected. Sounds like this dwarf has legitimate grievances and all of those people -minus maybe the bedridden king- there are assholes so who would even feel bad for them if they died?

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