Cave King – 195

Chapter 195 – A Good View!?

“Mmm…where am I?”

When I opened my eyes, I saw that Taran was looking at me with a worried expression.

“Taran…you’re yourself again.”

Taran nodded by moving her whole body.
Shiel did the same.

So, it really had been that hot water.
Or maybe it was the steam.
As nothing seemed to have happened to the Arancian people, that meant it was fine if the water was cold. We had become strange because I heated up the water.

And so Rienna and the others would calm down once they got out.

In the meantime, Taran made something like a temporary robe for me out of spider web.

I put it on and tied the belt-like part around my waist. It was smooth and comfortable. The wind went right through it, and so it was perfect for wearing after a hot bath.

“Thank you, Taran. By the way, this place…”

I saw that we were standing on a rock floor, and then scanned the area.

“This…are we on the top of the Alanberc tower?”

It was certainly higher than we had been when standing at the Gate of Silence.
I had not even flown this high in the Mado Armors.

It was good for gazing at the horizon, but I could not bring myself to look down towards the bottom of the tower.
Because I hated high places.

“And it’s not a particularly beautiful view.”

Dark clouds continued far, and passed them, it was complete darkness.

It was something that made me doubt once again that it was the same world as Sheorl.

But when I turned around, it was the same sky I was used to seeing.
And when I forced myself to look down, I saw an area that was rich with greenery. It was the holy place.

“From here, you can see everything that they are doing.”

Up until now, we had gathered information on them by monitoring them from the walls.
They were no longer a threat, and it was just a matter of time before they bent to the will of Alanberc.

“However, why is that the only place where plants grow? The clouds are still dark, and the World Tree is dead.”

I understood that they had devices for their defense.
However, how did they make the plants grow?

No, that lake in the center of the holy place…it could be that it contains some of the sap from the World Tree.
That would explain why plants are able to grow there.

Still, there seemed to be something happening around the lake.
A crowd of people had gathered.
Did they come to draw the water…no, it didn’t seem like it. I could sense that the people were shocked.

“Could it be that since we started to draw water, that theirs had decreased?”

Perhaps water was flowing towards us instead of their lake now.
If their lake continued to dry up, their crops would not grow.

“While we didn’t do it on purpose…this is bad.”

If they had no drinking water and their crops wouldn’t grow, then they would all die.

“We can wait a few more days. And if they still do not act, I will ask Alyssa if we can go and negotiate something. There is no point in fighting forever.”

As I thought of such things, a wind began to blow from behind me.

I turned my gaze back to Alanberc, and saw that a Mado Armor was rising into the air.

It landed on the top of the tower and kneeled.

The door in the chest opened up, and—Rienna and the others were inside.

“Lord Heal! I’m so sorry!”

Rienna came rushing down the Mado Armor’s arm. Fule and Alyssa followed after her.

“I-I’m sorry too, Lord Heal…”
“Lord Heal. I made the same mistake again.”

They said, but Rienna shook her head.

“You two are not to blame. It was my fault for heating up the water. And I was also the one who suggested that we go over to where Lord Heal was…”

Rienna said with a red face.

Fule and Alyssa were also blushing and averted their eyes. They looked very sad, and I wasn’t sure what to say.

It was possible that the effect of the sap had not worn off completely…

“We-well, no real harm came from it? So, it really was the heating of the water then. Perhaps the steam carries certain substances from the sap. Have you checked up on the Arancian people?”
“Yes. They were all fine. And we have since warned the people that they must not heat up the water.”

I sighed with relief upon hearing this.
It could have been the cause of a great disaster in Alanberc.

“Good… By the way, Alyssa. Could you look at the lake in the holy place?”
“Huh? There is less…water now?”
“I am not sure, but it’s possible that the water that is being drawn towards Alanberc has caused less water to flow to their lake. It would be quite the catastrophe for them. If they have no drinking water…”
“No, they have other ways of securing water. There are even water pipes that run through the temple.”
“I see. So they will be able to drink.”

Though, it was still possible that their plants would die.

Rienna muttered.

“Still, what a great view this is. And the wind is so comfortable.”
“It would be so nice if you could attach wings to your back and fly off!”

Said Fule.

I did not feel the same way at all…

If I was being honest, I wanted to return to the ground as soon as possible, but I saw that Rienna started to pour some tea, which meant they all wanted to rest here for awhile.
Well, perhaps it would help wake everyone up.

Rienna handed us all cups and then poured the tea.

“Thank you, Miss Rienna. This would be perfect, if only the sky was blue.”

Alyssa muttered as she took a sip of the tea.

Fule also drank some as she answered.

“That day will come soon enough. But first, you must plant the seed of the World Tree.”
“Indeed… Huh? Hu-huh?”

Alyssa started to touch different parts of her body. Apparently, she couldn’t find the seed of the World Tree.

“D-damn it! I must have dropped it!”
“Calm down, Alyssa. There are only so many places you have visited since taking it. We just need to search through them. We’ll find it.”

I said, and then Alyssa nodded with an apologetic expression.

“Are you, in fact, a rather clumsy person, Miss Alyssa?”

Fule asked jokingly.

As Alyssa looked embarrassed, I said,

“Well, considering what happened earlier and… Huh?”

I saw a white string shoot up near the edge of the tower roof.
Immediately after, Mappa appeared, riding on the back of a cave spider.

“Mappa. So you’re here too. And that…”

The World Tree seed was in Mappa’s hand.

“Oh! We were just looking for that now. So you brought it to us.”

Mappa nodded.

I thought…he would then give it to me or Alyssa.

However, Mappa walked off towards the center of the roof.

“Hey, surely you don’t mean to plant it right there?”

But Mappa gave me a thumbs up.

“It-it is much too dangerous. If it should grow big up here.”
“Lord Heal. Perhaps it’s worth a try, if we’re not going to use Sun Stones. The roots might join with the old trunk…and the World Tree will be revived.”
“I highly doubt it… If it could grow like that, wouldn’t it have sprouted when in the sap? …Well, I suppose we can just move it if it doesn’t work.”

If we didn’t use Sun Stones, then it wouldn’t become as big as the World Tree in Sheorl.

“Alright, let’s try planting it then. But let’s have everyone evacuate, just in case.”

But Mappa shook his head and pointed to the base of the tower.

As she knew that I hated heights, Fule looked down at the plaza around the tower for me.

“There is no one in the area. It seems like the Golems are making sure that no one goes close to the tower. So it should be fine, even if it starts shaking.”
“I see. Then we’ll give it a try.”

We had the Mado Armors if something happened. And I could deal with the rest with magic.

And so first, I used my pickaxe to break away some of the stone on the roof.
I could see the blackened trunk of the tree underneath, and I dug through it a little and filled it with soil.

“Alright, Mappa. You can plant it here.”

However, Mappa handed the seed to Rienna.

“Huh? You want me to plant it?”

Mappa nodded.
I didn’t know why he wanted Rienna to do it.

She also looked puzzled, but then turned to Alyssa.

“If anything…Miss Alyssa. If you don’t mind…”
“No, don’t worry about me. Aren’t you the most knowledgeable about plants? I’m sure there is a certain way to plant it. That must be why Mister Mappa wanted you to do it.”

I see.
Mappa wanted Rienna to do it because she was the most skilled when it came to planting.

However, Mappa did not nod or shake his head.
But his expression did look excited.

“If-if that is the case…”

Rienna did not look entirely convinced, but she started to bury the seed in the soil.

And then, just like in Sheorl, a sprout emerged immediately.

Alyssa’s eyes widened.

“Well, it was the same in Sheorl. However, it will surely not grow much more without any Sun Stones.”

I said, and Rienna nodded.

“We should water it and then leave it for today. And then we can come and check on it tomorrow.”
“Yes, let’s do that… Huh? Is it shaking?”

I asked, and the shaking grew stronger.

“This…is bad, isn’t it!? Huh?”

Fule muttered, but then the shaking stopped.

“What was that… Woah!?”

Down below, I could hear the sounds of crumbling rock.

“Are rocks falling…? Could it be…”

Without thinking, I looked down at the base of the tower.

Yes. Rocks had fallen down into the plaza. Parts of the tower’s walls had been peeled off.

However, thanks to the Golems, there was no damage in the residential district.

“But, why… What?”

Thick branches began to grow out from the tower. They grew thicker and branched out before being covered in fresh green leaves.
After that, more branches continued to grow from the sides and from above.

“It really…did revive?”

Even the roof was surrounded by branches, and it now looked like we were in a forest.

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