Cave King – 196

Chapter 196 – Signs of Revival!

“Th-the World Tree…”

Alyssa looked around as she raised her voice.

“…The Word Tree is revived!?”

As Alyssa said, the World Tree had come back to life.
I looked at Rienna and everyone’s hands, but no one was holding a Sun Stone. And yet, the once dried up World Tree had regained its former glory.

And in the place where the seed had been buried, there was already a tree that was the same height as a person. And so this World Tree would grow even bigger.

I covered my face with a mask and told the others to do the same.

“Everyone, be careful so that the same thing doesn’t happen again. Still, I really didn’t think that it would revive…”

When I looked down, I saw that the Alanberc streets were filled with people who had come to see what had happened.

“The people down there…the Golems should be able to deal with them.”

If they breathed in the powder from the leaves of the World Tree, it would cause chaos amongst the Alanberc people. Though, things had settled over time in Sheorl.

“However, why did it revive…”
“Perhaps even though it had died, there was still some power left? The sap had remained, after all.”

Fule answered my question.

Perhaps the branches of the world tree acted as fertilized soil.

“But, if that was the case, surely seeds other than the World Tree would grow as well?”
“Hmm. Then perhaps it was because the princess planted it?”

Fule said, and Mappa nodded in agreement. But Rienna shook her head.

“But that is just ridiculous. The World Tree would have come back to life no matter who did it. Anyway, there is something that is more important.”

I nodded at this.

“Aye. This means that plants should grow at the foot of this tower.”
“Re-really? But the sun is not even out.”

Alyssa tilted her head.

“Well, why don’t we give it a try then? Mel should have already purified some of the soil outside of Alanberc. We’ll use that.”

And so I used a Mado Armor to go outside of Alanberc.

There, I saw that Mel was unleashing a light and purifying the ground.

“I see you’re hard at work, Mel.”
“Ah, father! Yes. It’s interesting how the color of the soil becomes so pretty.”

As Mel said, the once black ground was returning to a rich brown color.

“I was thinking about putting this soil to use. Because Rienna revived the World Tree.”
“I thought that I smelled something different. So that’s what it was. I want to see it too!”
“Aye, let’s go.”

And so I put Mel’s purified dirt into my Inventory, and the two of us headed to the base of the World Tree.

Mel could not hide her surprise at the revival of the World Tree.

“It really is…”
“It’s amazing, isn’t it… And you’re amazing as well, Mel. Thanks to you, we may be able to grow some crops.”

And so I unleashed the dirt around the base of the World Tree.

Rienna and the other people from Sheorl then used shovels to spread the dirt out evenly.

“Miss Alyssa. Is it really alright to cover this area in dirt?”
“It is fine. This plaza wasn’t really being used for anything in the first place. And so there will be no problem if we turn it all into a field. More importantly, please let us help.”

Alyssa and the Arancian people joined in, and we started the process of making fields below the World Tree.

And once vast fields were created, Alyssa brought a small bag.

“They are fruit seeds. I think they are from apples.”
“With the power of the World Tree, they should sprout immediately.”

Rienna said, and then Alyssa offered her the seeds.

“Would you plant them, Miss Rienna?”
“Me? Surely you didn’t take all that earlier talk seriously?”
“Well, just in case. I will plant them too, right next to you.”
“Very well… But I really don’t think that it’s related.”

Rienna said, and then squatted down.

Alyssa did the same next to her.

“Well, let’s plant them then.”

It wasn’t complicated. They were just planting seeds.

The two made small holes in the ground, placed the seeds inside, and covered them with dirt.

As Alyssa would occasionally glance towards Rienna, she was probably making an effort to plant the seed in the same way.

“Phew. I hope it will sprout… Ah.”

Before Rienna could finish speaking, her seed began to sprout.

However, nothing happened with Alyssa’s seed.

Not only Alyssa, but everyone else became speechless for a moment.

“Mi-miss Rienna. You really are…”
“It-it must be a coincidence! It probably depends on the seed.”
“Then we will do it again.”

Alyssa said. And so she and Rienna planted more of the seeds.

Both must have planted about ten of them.

But none of Alyssa’s sprouted.
On the other hand, all of Rienna’s did.

“Maybe it’s because Alyssa is just very clumsy…”

Fule said, and tried planting some herself. But the results were the same.

Just to be sure, Mel and I, as well as some others also tried planting them. But none of them sprouted.

And so I turned to Rienna, who was just as surprised as everyone else.

“Rienna… Are you using some kind of magic?”
“No-not at all. Really. I’m just planting them normally.”

She answered.

I had been watching the movement of Rienna’s magic energy, and it did not look like she had used any.

“Then does that mean…the princess has some kind of power? Uh, what is it called again…”
“A crest…yes! Rienna has a crest that helps with the growing of crops.”

It was the ‘Farmer’ crest.
Perhaps that was what quickened the growth of plants.

Rienna was also nodding with an understanding look.

“P-perhaps that is it. But nothing like this ever happened before I came to this island… The power of the World Tree must be helping them grow faster as well.”

I said. Then Alyssa muttered,

“These crests sound very useful… Now that I think about it, I wanted to find out if any of us have them.”
“Yes, I completely forgot about that. I’ll ask Baris to look into it when he has time. In any case, we’ll be able to grow crops now.”

Rienna nodded.

“The food will be so much richer in Alanberc now.”
“Aye. Alright, I’ll go and get more soil. We can then expand the fields.”

Like this, we set out to create more fields.

Rienna saw the small but green sprouts that came out and muttered,

“They are so pretty. Now, if only the sun came out, then everything would be perfect.”
“Really… Huh?”

I couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

It was the same cloudy sky as always.
However, for some reason, I felt as if it was bright beyond the clouds.

Mel hadn’t done anything.
She was looking at the sprouts closely with shining eyes.

I then looked over to the World Tree.

“Perhaps it’s because of the powder from the World Tree…”
“What is it, Lord Heal?”
“It’s nothing. In any case, Arancia is slowly starting to recover. But we must continue to help them.”

And like that, Alanberc had a World Tree and a field of fruit trees.

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