Cave King – 28

Chapter 28 – I dug up a hot spring!




Fule muttered as she dug next to me.


I also stopped and turned to look. She was staring as her new pickaxe.

Mappa had made it. The head was pure Mithril and the handle was a branch from the World Tree.


The World Tree that we planted yesterday… We’d been inspecting the leaves and branches that fell from it.

Baris tried crushing the leaves and seeing if he could make medicine out of it.


As for the branches, they were astonishingly light.

And yet, they wouldn’t break when you hit the rocks… If anything, there were rocks that iron axes couldn’t cut, and so we had to use Mithril axes or knives instead.


There was still a lot about the World Tree that we didn’t know. But Baris knew more than anyone, and so I left the investigation to him.


On the other hand, we had to do a lot of mining now in order to make up for all of the rock materials that I recently used up. But it also acted as a test for the new pickaxes.


“What is it, Fule? Did something happen with the new pickaxe?”

“No…It’s just… You really don’t get tired when using it. It’s been an hour since we started digging, but I don’t get tired like I used to…”

“Huh… Now that you mention it…”


Like Fule, I was also using a pickaxe that was made from Mithril and a branch from the World Tree.

My previous pickaxe had also been made entirely of Mithril and was very light. But this wooden handle was more comfortable to hold.


However, I didn’t really feel a difference in terms of getting tired.

That was because I didn’t even get tired with the last pickaxe.


Another thing we discovered about the branches of the World Tree, was that they were enveloped in magic.

And so we thought it was possible that they emanated some kind of recovery effect.

Even that gold powder that made us go mad the other day… It wasn’t hard to imagine that it too had some kind of healing property.


I wanted to hear some other opinions, and so I called out to Erevan, who was swinging his pickaxe next to Fule.


“Erevan. How about you?”

“Now that I think about it, it might be the case… Well, the conditions are the same.”


Erevan said as if he were considering something. Then he swung his pickaxe again.


I tilted my head to the side. What conditions? Then Fule tugged at my sleeve and seemed to be telling me something with her gaze.


She was looking at Ashton and Haines.

The two brothers were also swinging their pickaxes.


“I see…”


I had said that I wanted to dig up a lot of rock materials. And now Erevan was burning with the spirit of rivalry. He would not lose to those two.

As for Ashton and Haines, while they were doing their best. It did not look like they cared to beat Erevan.


Well, it’s not like anyone was getting hurt. So I didn’t mind…

This kind of competition was more than welcome.


“In any case, don’t overwork yourself just because you think that you won’t get tired. Okay, Fule?”



And so we returned to digging.


But after a while, I heard a most terrible sound echo from below my waist.


The sound of cloth being torn apart…

At the same time, my lower half felt quite cold.


Apparently, the bottom part of my pants had ripped…

Well, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, seeing as how much I had been moving.


“…Fule. I’m going to return to the surface for a bit.”

“Huh? What happened?”

“Uh, I’m just a little hungry. Let me know if something happens down here.”

“Okay, got it.”


And so I headed back to the entrance while doing a very strange walk.


I saw then that Rienna and the kobolds were working right outside.


She immediately noticed me and walked over.


“Lord Heal. You must be tired. Would you like to eat?”

“Uh, no… Um, this is a little difficult to say…”


Rienna listened with a puzzled expression.

That being said, there wasn’t anyone else I could discuss this intimate problem with.


“My pants ripped… I hate to ask you, but I was wondering if you could patch it up…”

“I see! This is perfect timing!”


“Yes! In fact, the kobolds were just teaching me how to tan Killer Bird skin! We Berdans were not very skilled in treating beast leather… But I managed to make something very good!”

“Is that so…”


I looked at the clothes that the kobolds were wearing.

Yes, they were wearing clothes that looked no different from leather items made by humans.


In fact, upon further reflection, I realized that the leather armor worn by Ashton and Haines had actually been very impressive.

It showed that they had great skill in dyeing it as well.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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