Cave King – 27

Chapter 27 – I became very happy!




I shouted in vain. Mappa’s eyes had rolled back until you could only see the white of his eyes. His mouth was opened lazily as he ascended towards the heavens.


…Or so I thought. But he stopped when he was near the height of a two-story building.

The tree itself had suddenly stopped growing.


Mappa looked quite red and was breathing heavily, but it seemed like his life wasn’t in danger.


If anything…he seemed happy?

…In any case, it was necessary to rescue him at once.


“Mappa! I’m going to get you out of there!! Still, what a big tree…”


I said as I looked up at it.


At a height that was double…no, more than double of Sheorl Island, there was a roof of green.

It was maybe just a little taller than the highest tower of the royal castle that I used to live in…


The width of the trunk already took up about half of the reclaimed ground.


Who would have thought that it would grow this much with just one Sun Stone?

What if we had used more… I couldn’t imagine what the result would be.


Rienna and I headed towards Mappa.

However, he was so high that I wasn’t sure how we could rescue him immediately.


Besides, he still had an expression that made me want to look away.

Around him, I could see what looked like glimmering gold dust.


The powder surrounded Mappa and rained down on us.

Some of it probably went in our mouths and noses, but it didn’t smell bad.

If anything, there was something sweet and comforting about it.


“…In any case, this will be hard if it’s just us. We’ll have to bring the Golems and have Erevan rescue him with an axe… Rienna, I’ll go and call them.”


Just as I was about to leave, Rienna grabbed my arm with a firm grip.



“Lord Heal… I…I…”


When I turned to look at her, I saw that she was shaking.


Was she under the weather?

As for me…I felt a little dizzy myself.


But then she smiled and said,


“…I’m! I’m just so happy!!”


“Happy to be here with you. …Oh! Sometimes I wonder if I deserve to be so happy!”


As I looked at her with a puzzled expression, she grabbed both of my hands.


This was no time for such nonsense.

Where was the usual, serious Rienna?


I tried to pull my hands away.


However, my body completely ignored my head.


…Yes, I felt quite happy right now as well.

It was like there was a field of flowers in my head and there, people with white wings were laughing and dancing.


Yes, we were happy now.

What was the rush? We could take our time.


I nodded and squeezed her hand back.


“Rienna… I’m also happy to be here with you.”

“Ohh, Lord Heal…”


We stared into each others’ eyes for a while and then started to move in a circle while our hands were joined.

Rienna was on the right and I was on the left… We hummed and danced.


Her long hair flowed in the wind and her cheerful smile beamed.


“Hehe! Lord Heal!!”

“Hahaha! What is it, Rienna!?”

“I’m very fond of you, Lord Heal!”


I almost said, ‘Huh?’

However, she quickly continued.


“I’m very fond of you! I adore you, Lord Heal! More than anyone in this world!”


I could have cried from happiness then, but I answered with a laugh instead.


“I feel the same, Rienna!!”

“Hehe. Yes! Lord Heal, promise me! Promise me that we’ll always be together!”

“Of course! Hahaha!”


As I laughed, the kobold baby stuck his head out of my shirt.

Then he climbed onto my shoulder and seemed to be dancing too.


…Huh? Oh, well…


And like that, we danced for a while as if in a dream.




At the same time, the others looked at the new tree in astonishment from the cave.


Erevan couldn’t help but stare up at it.


“Wh-what is that!? What happened to the Chief and the Princess!?”


Fule replied.


“Father! I’ll go and call Baris!”



As Fule went running off, the other goblins, kobolds, and Cave Spiders came to see what was happening.

Taran, who had been mining, and Ashton and Haines, who had been digging the new rooms, were among them.


Ashton looked at this tree he had never seen before and then questioned Erevan.


“Ere…van… What is happening!? What is that tree!?”

“How should I know!! …In any case, something is wrong. I don’t care about that naked old man… But the Chief and the Princess! We have to help them!”



Erevan took the lead as the group of monsters headed towards Heal and the others.


When they were close, Erevan shouted.


“Chief!! What happened? Chief!”

“Ah, Erevan! Listen! I’m very fond of you!!”

“Chi-chief!? Whi-while it is an honor, I don’t intend on ever…after my wife died… I mean, in the first place…”

“Just come over here! You will be happy too! Taran, Ashton, Haines! All of you! Come quick!!”


Erevan looked confused by Heal’s words.

Heal had had a creepy smile when they first met him. But now he truly looked happy from the bottom of his heart.

And that was something Erevan had never seen before. And so he was cautious.


I can’t deal with this… That’s what he thought.


But when the golden dust entered his vision, it was too late.




Erevan’s hard face immediately grew slack.

His head was also a flower field now.


Taran and the other monsters were no different. Eventually, everyone joined hands or moved shoulder to shoulder in a circle.


“Gahahahaha!! This is good! Right? Don’t you think so!?”


Erevan laughed. He was right between Ashton and Haines as they joined the circle.


“Yes, Erevan!! I feel great!!”


Ashton replied with a laugh as he danced with Erevan.


When the others saw Heal and the group laughing and dancing, they ran from the cave in order to join them.

And they too breathed in the golden dust and joined hands in the circle.


It was then that Fule finally arrived with Baris.


However, Fule saw that the situation had worsened.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Well, that’s one happy but creepy time. Since the tree just grew, it’s probably not polen, but something from the trunk of the tree, but it’s quite the drug.

  2. The places where the tree got cut down probably fell because the people were so addicted they went on a rampage

  3. the 2 tribes have been mortal enemies for generations and is now forced to live together on a small island? That sounds like a pro..*Drugged by the World Tree*
    ..Nevermind, come here and let me hug you, you murderer of my child! xD

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

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