Flower Field Demon King – 37

Chapter 37


Adelia now had Qudel’s permission. And the first thing she did after that was…to grab Darten by the arm.


“Huh? What? Adelia. Why are you grabbing? Are you like trying to hit on me or something?”

Darten said with a puzzled expression. Adelia looked at him as if he was stupid. And then she said the following words.


“Why? Because every great detective has an assistant!”

“Just an assistant!”

Darten looked like he had a sour plum in his mouth. He turned to Qudels for help.

However, his so-called brother remained silent as he shook his head with resignation.


—Brother. O, brother. Why have you forsaken me?

Darten’s shoulders dropped and he accepted his fate.


“Now, the basics of an investigation are inspecting the scene and questioning. Follow me!”

Adelia dragged Darten with her as she walked away. It looked a lot like a calf being taken to market.


“Hey, Adelia. Don’t you think…you’re taking this a little too seriously? To be honest, I can’t keep up with you. In fact, I’m very put off right now.”

Darten said to her in an exasperated voice once they were out in the hallway.

Adelia smiled a rare kind of smile that seemed appropriate for a girl of her age. And she answered him.


“Oh? But this is just like a mystery novel. How fun! This is a very rare opportunity.”

Her highly entertained voice seemed to tear down the last shreds of his mental strength. And Darten squatted down on the ground.

And in a hateful and sad voice, he muttered.


“Hey, hey. You can’t involve me in this and just say you were playing… It won’t be my fault if Qudels get mad at us.”

Qudels had insisted that it was an accident. But it was likely a little more complicated than that.

And it seemed that sticking your nose into this business as part of a ‘game’ would result in making more than a few enemies.


“It will be fine. As long the results don’t interfere with his perfect ending, he will just praise us and there will be nothing to complain about.”

However, Darten still looked angry as he replied.


“No. In the first place, there is no point in trying to find the culprit. After all, it’s clear that he’s the one behind it all.”

Now that she thought back on it, Qudels had been acting in a way as if he wasn’t even trying to hide his involvement.


“If you understand that much, surely you also know what I am trying to find out?”

“You want to know what he did and what he is trying to do?”

In other words, it would be a study in intrigue and strategy.

She was not likely to be able to do the same thing, but the way he thought and his methods might be of some use to her eventually.


Of course, these were also mostly just excuses. Her biggest motive was mere curiosity.

And so he added one thing.

“…By the way…”


“Exactly. It’s because you are able to figure all that out that I chose you as my assistant. I hope that you won’t disappoint me.”

Darten’s shoulders fell and Adelia smiled happily.

The truth was that within Darten’s muscular body, there was a grain of surprising intelligence that Adelia was not blind to.



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