Shatei Kyokufuri – 135

Data.127 – Old Bowman, Another Gorilla Fight

It felt like a long time ago that I encountered a giant gorilla in the forest.
Back then I had been a beginner player in NSO.
And now that I was counted among the top players, I was fighting a gorilla once again. Life sure was interesting.
…No, I didn’t want to compare this to real life, so I would stop thinking like that.

Currently, 17 minutes have passed since the start of the survival battle.
At the 20 minute mark, the zombies would start coming in from the back entrance.
There were already some zombies pressed against the glass.
And I did not want to face them while fighting this giant at the same time.

I would take it down within 3 minutes!
Even if I had to use a charge attack!

“Mr. Kyuji! Stop it from moving first! It’s very fast! It will catch up even if you move away!”

The gorilla had appeared right after Canaria.
In other words, as fast as she was, she could not lose it…!

“Gatling Web Cloud Arrow!”

I followed her advice, changed my target and shot the sticky nets at its feet.
As I had fused it with Gatling Arrow, the number of nets should be enough.
I could make the entire giant sticky!


While the nets themselves hit it, the gorilla started to tear them up with tremendous strength.
So they could only stop it for a few seconds…in that case…

“Seal Demon Bind!”

The three unleashed arrows surrounded the gorilla zombie.
These were special arrows that didn’t do any damage.
They would fly straight through players and monsters, and they could not be canceled by other skills.
Instead, they pierced into the ground and created a magic triangle!

VOooo! Voooaarr!?

The magic triangle unleashed light that looked like thunder.
Alright, it was working!
As the name suggested, it was a binding skill.
Any enemy that was inside of the triangle would be put in a state of paralysis, and it would deal continuous damage!

While it was similar to Web Cloud Arrow in that it stopped enemies, Web Cloud Arrow wasn’t effective unless you hit the enemy directly. And it also disappeared quickly.
On the other hand, Seal Demon Bind was more of a trap.
While it wouldn’t do anything unless an enemy came inside, you could still set it anywhere.

The triangle itself glowed quite brightly, and so enemies would probably know that they shouldn’t go in.
That meant their movements would be restricted, and it would be easier to hit them with Web Cloud Arrow.
However, there was some time between the arrows hitting the ground and the completion of the magic triangle.
And so in order to have it activate at their feet like it did now, it was necessary to slow the enemy down once.

Yes, while the two skills looked similar, they also covered each other’s weaknesses.
On top of that, the effect would not apply to me if I entered the triangle, and I could make up to three at the same time.
Three stamps to get a triangle that I could make three of…it was easy to remember.

“Now, before the effect wears off.. In Fight Arrow Storm!!”

While the enemy couldn’t move, I slammed my most damaging charge attacks at it at close range.
Even a hidden boss like this could not stand against this many arrows…is what I thought. But I was wrong.
The gorilla zombie…came out looking like a pin cushion, but did not disappear.
Not only that. But the arrows began to fall out…
And the wounds started to heal…!

The zombies here did not have an HP gauge.
It wasn’t about atmosphere, but the fact that you wouldn’t be able to see anything if every zombie had a visible HP gauge above them.
And so it wasn’t clear how much damage I was doing with my attacks.
However, if I wasn’t able to defeat it with these attacks, it meant that I would have to use combination charge attacks and miracle effects…!
Indra’s Arrow wasn’t effective indoors, so I’d have to use I’m Arrow to…

“Wind Blade…!”


It was Canaria…!
She had slid around to the gorilla zombie’s back and was holding dual blades that glowed green.
They reminded me of glow sticks that were used in concerts!

“Windmill! Air Style!”

Canaria leapt into the air and did a rotating slash, cutting off the gorilla zombie’s head.
The wonderful sharpness and trail of light in the air looked so cool that I became speechless for a moment.

“…Oomph! Phew! Thanks to you, I regained my courage, Mr. Kyuji…! Thanks for helping me!”

“No, I just did what anyone would do. I’m glad that you’re alright. So…how many items were you able to get?”

“I finished the 5th and 4th floors, but it was while I was on the 3rd floor that the gorilla woke up…”

“I see… It’s too bad that that happened when things were going so well. Still, we have 30 minutes left, so could you continue gathering the items? Just while there is still time.”

“Th-that’s right… But I’m worried that I might mess up again. What if we traded roles…?”

“No, gathering items means going in and out of rooms. You have to be quick. While I have a skill that allows me to cover long distances, I can’t use it repeatedly, and it won’t allow me to make turns either… It won’t be efficient if I do it. Only you can do it. And so I must insist…’

“Only…I can do it…? Fine, I’ll do it! I will do my best with what I have! See you later!!”

Canaria dashed away into the east ward at top speed.
It really was difficult dealing with youngsters…!
I couldn’t keep up with their constantly changing emotions.
Well, perhaps she was an extreme example…


Oh, the glass over here was starting to crack as well.
I’ll have to hold this place until Canaria returns.

“Let’s go, Garbow!”

“Gar! Gar!”

There were no openings when Garbow and I worked together.
Advance guard and rear guard. With our usual style, we annihilated the zombies.
In general, the zombies used physical attacks. Though some also spat poison. Regardless, Garbow was resistant to both.
Thanks to this, I was able to focus on my own attacks.

First, I set Seal Demon Bind three times so that they could not get close, and then I used Exorcist Barrier.
And then I used Demonbane Attack Blade to cut down their numbers.
It wasn’t called Exorcist Bow Arts for nothing.
It was perfect for fighting against zombies.
Thanks to this, I was able to save MP and charge attacks.
Spamming strong charge attacks was no way to survive here.

27 minutes passed. In just 3 minutes, zombies would come in from the east and west sides.
Currently, there were only enemies coming from the front, so Garbow and I were enough to deal with them. But it would be difficult if we were pincered from the sides…
We really would have to move the battlefield to the stairs.

“Mr. Kyuji! I’m back!”

Canaria had returned safely!
Now we could move to the stairs at any time.

There were more mutant versions of the zombies now.
Some had long whip-like tentacles for arms. Others would shoot at us, and others had hard shells…
Many of them would not go down in a single hit.
Were Oliver and Anne alright…?
I pushed the button on my ear pieces and talked to them.

“This is Kyuji. I’ve reunited with Canaria. Over.”

‘…Ah! Sorry! We’ve been a little busy here and I forgot to contact you!’

I could hear the zombie groans on his side.
So they were struggling?
Perhaps they were going up against a rare monster…

‘Kyuka hasn’t returned yet! We don’t know why! We’re going to stand our ground for a little longer! You should retreat to the staircase! Over!’

Not returned yet?
Kyuka was more experienced than Canaria and looked strong.
Even if she did release the gorilla zombie on her way, she should be able to defeat it by herself… But I had no way of knowing.
I didn’t know how long the other two could manage, and was there any reason to…

“Things aren’t really going as planned.”

And so the first 30 minutes were up.

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