Flower Field Demon King – 37


“Alright, we must start by inspecting the scene. Now, do your best.”

Adelia said as she went up the stairs…and then she pointed her chin at the guard who stood in front of the room that the magistrate had died in.

He had come as one of the magistrate’s personal guards, and so Adelia had no authority over him.


“Do it as peacefully as you can.”

“Ugh. You’re so annoying.”

Adelia’s ridiculous demands caused him to groan as his palm covered his face. However, Darten followed her up the stairs.

What could he possibly do?


“Why are you here? Don’t come any closer if you have no…wha…ahh!”

Darten smiled as he stood right in front of the soldier. And then he unleashed just a little bit of the aura of a war god, that he usually repressed.


Adelia was watching from behind. But even she felt a primal fear envelope her. It was so strong that she nearly lost consciousness.


A lion had suddenly appeared before them… That would be one way to try to illustrate how they felt.

It was a kind of despair that made you immediately feel that death was near.


After feeling all this from such a close range, the soldier who guarded the door could do nothing but fall on his ass.

It was very likely that he would be haunted by nightmares for several days.


“See? I solved it without inflicting a single injury.”

“Maybe not his body, but I think that was a lethal wound to his mind. I can’t believe this.”

Adelia mercilessly berated Darten, who had turned to look at her with a proud smile.


“Tsk. You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to be kind to people once in a while.”

“Yes, yes. I will be sure to shower you with praise later on. But first, we must enter the room.”

Adelia barely glanced at the mildly sulky Darten before stepping through the door.


The room had been kept in the same state since the accident, as the investigator would be arriving soon. And so the magistrate’s white bones lay in his clothes in the center of the floor. 

He was facing the ceiling.

There were stains on the floor that looked like blood, and there was a vague, unfamiliar smell in the air.

As for the window, there was a hole in the glass that was big enough for a person to fit through, and there were shards scattered all over the floor.

No matter how you looked at it, it seemed like there was another person involved.


“Hey, this…”

“This looks very suspicious, doesn’t it?”


It was ridiculous to suggest this was some kind of accident.

That was the first impression Adelia and Darten had upon entering the room.

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