Cave King – 28


“I made a few pieces as a test. So, what part of your pants was ripped?”


Rienna leaned forward and stared at my pants…

I suddenly very embarrassed and covered the spot.


She looked at me quizically.


“I-I’ll take it off and hand them to you.”



She said as she waited right in front of me.


Uh…that wasn’t making things any easier…


Well, it was just my pants. So I guess it was no big deal…

In fact, Rienna had seen me in my underwear plenty of times.


And so I slid out of my pants.


But for some reason, Rienna’s face turned bright red at this.




I looked down.

Apparently, there was a tear in my underwear as well…

Something I had not wanted to show had become exposed.


“Oh… Sorry!!”


I quickly covered myself and tried to pull my pants back up.

I don’t think I was ever more frantic in my life.

And so I fumbled and took longer than I should have.


Thankfully, Shiel seemed to detect what was happening and stretched out like a wall in front of me.


Rienna looked embarrassed as she shook her head.


“It-it’s nothing to apologize for! …In-in-in any case, it seems like a good time to get you new underwear as well as pants!!”


Rienna said as she rushed back to the workshop where the kobolds were.

Apparently, they were using the Cave Spider webs as well, which was easy to work with.


But…damn it.

Now people would think I was just like Mappa…

And I had so wanted to preserve a degree of respect as the lord of this island…


As my shoulders drooped, someone patted me on the back from behind.


When I turned around, I saw Mappa standing there.


Don’t be discouraged? Is that what he was saying?

Um, I didn’t need to hear that from a half-naked old man…


“…Hmm? What…”


I noticed that something was showing between the cracks in Mappa’s waistcloth.

Mappa saw that I was looking and raised the cloth so that I could see.


…What I then saw, were glossy, brown leather underpants.


Mappa seemed very proud of them, but I couldn’t help wanting to look away.

In any case, it seemed like the kobolds had made it for him.


So, even Mappa was wearing underpants now…


Somehow, I felt even more defeated and embarrassed. I picked up a random cloth and wrapped it around my waist and then returned to the cave.


When I arrived, Fule called to me.


“Oh, Lord Heal! Did you finish eating?”

“Uh, ah, yeah…”

“…? Okay…”


Fule had a puzzled expression but did not ask any more questions.


Swinging your pickaxe was the best thing to do when you wanted to forget something.

And so I returned to mining.


While I worked, Fule made an observation.


“You sure seem to be working faster today, Lord Heal.”


“Yes…but I’m going to try and keep up.”


And so Fule started to swing faster as well.


That’s when it happened.

I saw a small hole in the spot that I was digging.


And there was steam and some kind of liquid was spraying out from it.




“Is that…a hot spring!?”


Fule shouted.

Apparently, we had dug up a hot spring.

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  1. Is it just me or does this island sound to good to be true? I get the feeling that they are going to find a sealed demon king ( or at least some reincarnated ‘s legacy)!

  2. Well, good timing. Right after that drugged up dancing party, where Heal and Rienna pretty much confessed (kinda), now he’s getting a chance to… flash. Better wash some of that awkwardness in the hot spring, lolz.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. They should make alcohol they have grape plus if they want to add a cup of world tree nectar then you have a love potion 💘.

    • Is that a love potion or just a bundle of bad decisions.
      I say that the ones who will hook up should hook up not under the influence.

  4. Shiel is the 1st wife then riena is the 2nd. I guess mappa is the 3rd wife lmao. I just love how funny this silent dwarf is

  5. What if the reason mappa doesn’t speak is because he died a long time ago, and now no one there speaks his language?

  6. Before reading this, I was speculated that they had digged so deep that they burst through the ocean.
    It seems I partly correct

  7. It seems the “Hot Spring” in the title and the “Hot” and”Spring” incident on between Heal and Riena is quite a punning incident. LOL

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