Cave King – 86

Chapter 86 – They were familiar!!


“Aaaaaah!! …Huh, they’re slimes?”

Fule had raised her voice in surprise at the red lights in front of us. But she quickly realized what they were.

The things on the other side of the hole, were very familiar, round, liquid-like creatures… Slimes.

They had the same blue and jiggly bodies that Shiel…no, they didn’t. These looked more gray and hard.

Their movements also seemed sluggish. All they did was look up at us.

“So there are slimes even here…”

I had dug up other slimes after taming Shiel.

But up until now, all the slimes I had encountered looked just like her…

I turned around and looked at Shiel, who was following us.

And then Shiel approached the gray slimes and started to move as if she was talking to them.

However, the slimes were slow to respond.

It did not look like they understood her.

And I didn’t detect much magic energy from them at all.

Eventually, Shiel started to look around the room as if troubled.

And then she stopped and turned in the direction that the sound had echoed from.

There was one magic signal that was actively moving…and so I turned my eyes to it as well.

What I saw was a gray slime that was swinging a pickaxe that had fancy runes carved on it.

The slime seemed quite absorbed in its work, however, what came away with every strike, were little fragments that were smaller than a pebble.

Shiel began to poke at the gray slime’s body.

And so the gray slime turned around as if it had no choice.

Shiel tried to tell it something.

However, the pickaxe-wielding slime took one look at us and jumped in the air.

Was it surprised to see a human…? Well, it may have been a long time since it saw one. So it could not be helped.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Well this isn’t what I expected. After that talk about ants I thought it raised a flag and they were about to encounter giant ants. Instead they found different colored slimes.

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