Cave King – 86


In any case, compared to the other slimes, this pickaxe-wielder seemed a little sharper.

According to Shiel, there were people sleeping underground, and their souls were kept inside of slimes.

Because of this, their intelligence became similar to that of slimes.

Perhaps this one alone was smart, and had been trying to dig them out…

On further inspections, the other slimes were taking in the crushed rock into their bodies.

Were they eating it…? Perhaps that was why their bodies were so gray.

After a while, the gray slime hit the rock wall again, and turned to look at me.

Apparently, there was something on the other side.

Fule tilted her head.

“I wonder what it could be?”

“I don’t know…but it doesn’t seem like…”

I couldn’t detect any magic.

“Well…I suppose I should just dig then.”

And so I stood next to the gray slime and tried digging at the wall.

In a flash, the rocks fell away.

Once again, the gray slime jumped in surprise.

However, it froze once they saw what was on the other side.

What we saw were bones.

“Bones…? But what kind of bones… No, wait…”

I had seen bones like this before… They looked human, but the head was very big.

Just like a certain person’s skull I had once seen by the entrance of the cave.


The slimes around me suddenly seemed restless.

When I turned my head to see what they were looking at, I saw that it was the half-naked man, Mappa.

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  1. So are these slimes housing the souls of dwarfs? They seemed rather desperate to reach where all those dwarf bones were.

  2. Ouchy, they are gonna need a whole ton of dragon stones (I think that’s what the revival stones were named).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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