Jack of all Trades – 295


I rolled out of the way as the sword fell. Then I thrust my hands into the snow and kicked him. As I had Legs of the God Wolf activated, the swirl of wind tore away as his flesh like a blender, and blood splattered.

“Not good enough!”


It was unbelievable. Legs of the God Wolf or not, he grabbed my leg with his hands. And just like with his leg, the skin and flesh were shredded, but he just smiled diabolically.


Then he lifted me into the air and threw me to the ground. While it was snow, the sheer speed and strength of it took the wind out of me as I landed on my back.

“You’ll die this time!”

He said as his greatsword came down over me. Though my vision was blurred, I somehow managed to bring up the Velnoir and block the attack.


“AAHHH!! Ahahahaha!!”

He was heavy. I felt like I was being crushed by a boulder. I used both hands and tried to keep the Velnoir up, but the sword sunk into the hand that touched the blade, and blood began to pour.

“…Hah! Ahhh…!”

“You seem desperate to survive. Eh?”

Of course. No one wanted to die in a blizzard. I glared at the goblin as he pressed down with his sword.

“I can’t…die… Not yet…!”

“Haha. But you will.”

The weight increased. The goblin laughed, and blood and saliva dripped from his mouth and ran down his sword. As much as it angered me, it would be impossible to push back. I would probably just get buried in the snow and have my head cut off. That’s how I would die.

But I wouldn’t die. Thankfully, I had chosen the Velnoir as my weapon. Not that my others were bad, but this sword was perfect for this situation.

After all, this was a sword breaker.



I forced the blade to turn so that greatsword slid into the groove, and then I twisted. I would make use of the weight and just add a little of my own strength. As it turned out, it was not impossible to break a greatsword in half.

“Gaaaghh!!… Damn…!!”

As the greatsword shattered in half, it shot passed the Velnoir that was holding it up and tore into my shoulder. Still, I forced my body to curl up and then rammed both feet into the goblin’s stomach, sending him flying. And in the brief moment I had, I did a back roll and moved away.


While I was wearing wind dragon armor, overwhelming physical attacks were able to pierce it. That was proof of the quality of the sword and the strength of the goblin. It was able to defend against most attacks and weak magic. And yet, he broke through with brute force…

I looked down and saw all of the blood that was dripping, and I gritted my teeth. I hated pain.

“…Ahh. You broke the sword that the queen gave me.”

“It won’t be much use to you now. You should get rid of it.”

“Hah. You fool. It just means it is lighter and faster now!”

But it had half the reach. And reach was one of the main features of a greatsword. As for fighting with swords with the same reach as a one-handed sword, that was something I was good at.

I had bled him and broken his sword. Well, I took a few hits myself. But now it was time to put him out of his misery.

“‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None.’”


I lowered my sword and called the name of the skill that was both my lovely partner and teacher. In my brain, the path to victory unraveled.

“Legs of the God Wolf. Eyes of the God Wolf.”

Then I activated the skills bestowed on me by Rachel, a master and comerade. Then the platinum wind enveloped my legs and I was able to see everything.

“What are you muttering about?”

“They are skills that are going to kill you.”


“And this is the last one!”

For now, I would forget the pain in my shoulder and legs. I pointed the sword out and chanted the words.

“Kamiyashiro – Space Maneuver Sword Art…modified.”

“Kamiyashiro – God Wolf Sword Reach!!!”

Look, if you’re going to go with a chunibyo name, at least go for one that’s shorter!


But he was still a Queen’s Knight Goblin. And he managed to block the first attack with his broken greatsword. However, this was not the sort of attack that you could survive by just blocking once.

Eyes of the God Wolf allowed me to see the goblins every movement, Jack of all Trades, Master of None ran calculations in my brain to find openings, Legs of the God Wolf took me where I needed to be as quickly as possible. I repeated this over and over in a blur. The power of the God Wolf helped create this ultimate, deadly space. A sphere of platinum death now surrounded the goblin.

“Tsk. Damn. Damn you!!”

He managed to block a few of my hits, just like Manager had done. He even blocked more than her. And when I did cut him, he didn’t flinch. Also, there was his broken greatsword. While it wasn’t much of a weapon now, it acted as a sort of shield. I hadn’t thought about that while making calculations. It was wide and easy to handle, which was all a shield needed to be.


Still, he tried to swing at me with it, and so I used Frost Spears to pin his legs to the ground. But he didn’t stop.

“Hah-ha-haha! Is that all? Human!!!”


He suddenly thrust his sword as I rushed past him. While a shallow wound appeared on the side of my stomach, I didn’t slow down. With the right timing, his shield could turn into a weapon again. His incredibly quick reflexes were getting in my way again… In that case, I would just have to move even faster.


The highest wind level was very difficult to control. Still, I had to use all of this power that I received from Rachel if I wanted to win. Jack of all Trades, Master of None agreed with me.

“Ha…he’s gone…”

I suppose he couldn’t see me at all now. But my attacks didn’t stop. A storm of swords more furious than before now made mincemeat of his body. The goblin could not block them all. It could only raise its sword and protect its front. Its reflexes wouldn’t help it now, it did not even have the energy for a counterattack.

But I didn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop until it was dead. I knew that I couldn’t keep this up for longer than a few minutes. I would be retching on the ground soon. But I would still kill him. Daniela and the city would be in danger otherwise.


I thrust an Ice Sword into its back.


My blade carved deeply into his legs.


His back was now covered in blades of ice.

The platinum wind that raged around us was strong enough to blow away all of the snow. I rotated in the air and used the centrifugal force to attack him in rapid succession, slamming his body onto the frozen ground. Then I unleashed more Ice Swords and pierced them through the gaps in his defense.

The will to kill was stronger than ever as I thrust the blades into him. The wind and damage were causing me to cough up blood. My brain was starting to slow down and I felt that my nose was bleeding. Still, I continued to cut…


Finally, the goblin fell to its knees on the ground that was soaked in its own blood.

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  1. Small correction
    “A sphere of platinum death now surrounded the golem.”

    Should be Goblin.

    Thanks for the TL

  2. That painful moment when you catch up to the release after chain reading the whole lot in 3 days.

    Fantastic translation! Fantastic story! Cannot wait for more ^_^

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