Jack of all Trades – 154

Rematch and a Hasty Reunion


I jumped out of the tower and ran towards the guard house. While I rushed through the sky, another ball of fire shot towards me from the same direction as the first. I switched on ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ as soon as I saw it, and my body moved along with the images in my brain. My mind was always one step ahead, which gave me a power that was like predicting the future.




Thanks to ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None,’ I knew that it would work. This leg that was aided by not only silver and green wind, but also blue magic, could kick back even a fireball.

Well, turns out I had got one thing wrong. I was bound by the notion that ice was weak to fire. But the laws of magic were special in this world. Ice was weak to water and fire. However, fire was also weak to water and ice. While ice could be melted, it could also extinguish a fire. In any case, it would be about brute force. It all depended on who had more energy.


“It’s actually quite simple!”


Bandits started to fire off arrows at me from the ground. But I dodged them in the air as a tail of silver and green streaked behind. I was on a nonstop course to the guard house.

And then came the fire magic again. This time it wasn’t a large fireball, but numerous bullets that blocked my path. I had to twist my body, jump over and even kick them. And those that I couldn’t avoid, I cut away with my great sword. An ordinary sword would have melted, but this sword was carved from the bones of a tempest whale. A legendary monster that was long extinct. It would take a lot more than fire to damage it.


By the time my vision cleared again, I had a good view of the guard house. Eve was standing on a mountain of bricks and glaring at me. Daniela was nowhere in sight. I sighed in relief, knowing that she was likely still safe.

However, it really was just a matter of time. I needed to get rid of the root of all our trouble; Eve. Or they would always chase after us. I would crush these bandits that were disguised as guards, find Daniela, and cross the river. If I could do that, we would have won.




I ran towards the target. With my sword on my shoulder and in a lowered posture, I increased my speed.

Eve’s hands started to gather magic energy. She was likely going to strike with her combination of fire and wind again. I had nowhere to run the first time, but we were out in the open now. There was nothing to stop me. The field was mine.




Once again, the enormous red tornado was unleashed. I maintain my speed as I dodged it with the minimal amount of movement. However, the tornado swerved violently every time Eve moved her hands to chase after me. Still, the movement was relatively slow. Anything that is powerful yet lacks speed is not a threat to me.

The scenery seems to rush passed me as I increase my speed. My sword is filled with blue magic as I raise it above my head, then it swings down as Eve looks at me with eyes wide with shock.





Eve clicked her tongue in annoyance, deactivated the magic, and rolled out of the way. My sword cut through the air and landed in a pile of bricks, where Eve had been a second ago. There was a deafening crash as the pile of bricks went up in a cloud of dust and debris.

It was my own doing, but the dust was irritating. I couldn’t see anything… Well, at least it meant she wouldn’t see me either. However, she was the one who had dodged my attack. It was clear which of us was likely to attack first. And so I dropped the great sword and jumped back. Just then, a flash of red shot past me.


I activated Presence Detection in order to find Eve’s position as I generated a sword of ice. This, I launched towards Eve. This was a magic I had devised during my fight with Mordred, the Frost Sword Straightshot.




I hear her groaning. I didn’t know where I had hit her, but hit her I did. In that case, there was only one thing to do. She was not likely to be able to dodge this while the pain made her sluggish!


“Icicle Rain!!”


Countless ice arrows came raining down from the sky. The arrows struck the ground, causing it to thunder and quiver as if it were an earthquake. Then I unleashed Legs of the Forest Wolf. The silver and green wind bellowed, pushing away the dust clouds and exposing the entire scene of the former guard house.


The arrows that fell had turned the bricks into dust, which was now being cleanly blown away.

In the center of the now barren land, was Eve. She had created a shield of fire and had avoided the lethal blow. She was a tough one. Still, there were several ice arrows piercing her arms and legs. As she no longer had the substitute tool, she could not allow herself to be killed.


“Hahhh…hahhh… Ggg…I underestimated you… I thought you were nothing but her shadow…I was wrong…”

“Actually, you’re not. She’s very strong.”

“Hmph… I am aware. But you are far more dangerous…”



I had speed, but was not great with magic. I didn’t think that was enough to beat someone who was truly strong. However, I could make it work if they were at my level or lower. My own mistake had been mistaking how magic worked here. But now that I felt that I could win, there was no fear or worry in me.


“Allowing you to live would be putting an obstacle in Daniela’s path. And so you will have to die.”

“Hmph… But can you really…?”



Eve searched in her pockets as if to take something out. I unsheathed the Glampanzer at my waist and dashed forward in order to cut off her head before she could finish what she was doing.


“Too slow!”



Eve had slammed it onto the ground. There was a flash of light that filled my vision. I didn’t know flash grenades existed here!


“Haha! Is this your first time seeing one?’
“Damn it. Get back here!”


Her presence was growing smaller. She was getting away…!


I chased after her while relying on Presence Detection to see. But as I did so, I sensed that others were approaching me from the sides. Humans. They must be bandits… Reinforcements. Then I had to quickly get Eve and…





A sharp pain ran through my left leg. It forced me to stop and search for the reason for it. My hand hit something stick-like. A chill ran up my back as I checked the other side and felt the same stick.


“Damn it…!”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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