Jack of all Trades – 381

Wolf Conference with a Light Elf

It was just Daniela and me now. Manager and Lemon had business elsewhere at their inn. They had stayed there for a long time, and it would take some preparation to leave. As Daniela and I had only stayed for a few days, it was easier to pack up.

“You came.”
“Morning. Alright, let’s hurry up and decide everything.”

As soon as I opened the door with the key, Rachel came walking out.

“Uhh…I’m tired…”

While she was dressed for going outside, her eyes were barely open. I guess Lehaty must have dressed her.

I looked past Rachel and saw that Lehaty was waving on the other side just as the door started to close. I pointed at Beowulf and she looked very surprised, but then the door shut completely.

“Now, I’m going to tell you about the amazing plan I thought of.”
“You sound like an idiot. But go on.”
“Do not sleep, Rachel.”

Daniela started shaking her shoulders violently. In the meantime, I took out the map I had carefully drawn out of my hollow bracelet.

“First, our location. Here is Erediares.”

I pointed to the top of the map. The small circle was this country. We were currently in the forest that was to the right of it.

“And below, we have the Lambrusen Republic. And this is Soul Soleil.”

The place that Rachel worked as a palace magician. And the city where Matsumoto lived. Soul Soleil. The capital of Lambrusen.

“If we travel east from here, we arrive at the spot where I first appeared. The misty hills. It will also be our battlefield.”

I moved my finger across the map. This place held great significance for me. And a little farther east was the town of Fhiraldo. My very first town.

“Are you following?”

Their reactions were so similar. Too similar. Still, at least they understood. I had painstakingly drawn this map, after all. Though, Daniela did help me.

“So, there is an ancient elven ruin here. Did you all know?”
“I did.”
“It is where we met.”
“This is where we will gather. Rachel has already sent the ogres over there. Rachel, you will have to tell the ogres that the wolves will be coming.”

I looked up from the map and saw that Rachel was giving me an annoyed look.

“You do know that I’m the most powerful God Wolf in this world?”
“Am I an errand boy? Does the God Wolf do errands?”
“Of course, not. It’s not an errand. It’s a request. I’m asking a god for help.”

What a ridiculous misunderstanding. I would never use Master Rachel as an errand boy.

“Hmm…well, if you say so. I suppose it can’t be helped.”
“Yes, yes. Thanks.”

She didn’t even look upset any more. How naive.

“Alright, that’s settled. Now Beowulf. I want you to tell your wolves that they mustn’t attack any ogres or humans. Discipline them.”
“Easily done. I will do it before we leave. However, Asagi. What do you expect us to do when humans attack us unprovoked?”

That was a problem. While we understood what was happening, if other humans such as Adventurers and merchant caravans saw them, they would probably want to hunt the wolves down.

“It would be best to avoid fighting if possible…but it’s really up to you. Just do what you’ve been doing up until now. You yourself were able to keep the promise.”
“So we will just continue as before.”
“Yeah, you’re in charge.”

He had gone through the trouble of offering herbs to people he fought. I trusted his judgement.

Well, that was how we would all unite. Once Daniela and I arrived at the misty hills, Rachel would create a portal to take us to the battlefield…

“Any issues with what I just said?”
“I’m being overworked.”
“And I feel bad for you. But I’m sure you’ll manage.”
“Tsk… Bah, very well.”

Dimension magic sure was useful.

“What about you, Beowulf?”
“I have no issues. We will go to the ruins on foot. Rachel has enough work to do, and it shouldn’t take us too long to get there anyway. We will go through my old home and reach the misty hills.”
“Right. Be safe.”

Was that it? It was surprisingly quick… But time was limited. There was no specific deadline, but it was clear that this had to be finished soon.

So, it was time to scatter. Rachel quickly opened the door again as if she couldn’t wait to leave.

“Ah, Rachel.”
“We’ll be going to Soul Solei later, just so you know.”
“What? Ah, I suppose I’ll use that as well… You really don’t know how to treat a God Wolf… Well, it is an emergency… You should use what you can, even if it’s your own parents.”

She grumbled before leaving and did not bother to say goodbye.
Beowulf too took his snow wolves. We could hear them howling as they started to move. I’m sure they would have no trouble getting food on the way. They were wild animals after all.

“So…we should go.”

We had talked a lot about it tonight, and were of the same opinion for the most part. If anything, a lot of what I had said came from her. That was really helpful.
She even helped me as I practiced my presentation. I never thought the day would come… A former part-timer like me.

I raised both of my arms and Daniela positioned herself in them. I felt her powerful weight as I created the platinum and jade wind around my legs. And with an ‘oomph’ and an ‘ouch,’ I began to run. Then it was just using Legs of the God Wolf to launch myself into the air. And so Daniela and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the sky.

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