Jack of all Trades – 375

Negotiations with Rachel

We left Lehaty and opened the door. The familiar alley appeared before us in front of the apartment wall. It was hard to get used to such a strange sight.

“I see. Dimension magic… A delicate and yet powerful tool that connects different spaces.”
“So you understand it, Yunagi?”

She was showing herself now, as she held her chin and inspected the door. From behind, she just looked like a huge woman with odd clothing.

“The tool I use to hide myself also uses dimension magic. It bends light and twists space. That’s how I hide.”
“Hmm… It’s scientifically possible, but would require incredible technology to accomplish.”
“And yet the elves did it.”

Indeed, they did. So it was possible with their ancient technology. Maybe Rachel could do it as well.

Daniela walked in first, and we followed her. At first, I worried that maybe Yunagi would be blocked from entering, but that wasn’t the case. And all three of us made it through safely.

Daniela then tried knocking on the window, but there was no answer.

“Lehaty did say that she was working. Perhaps she’s really busy.”
“We are just as busy, if not more so. Come on, we should go in.”

While this sounded a little forceful, I nodded to show that I agreed. Sorry, Rachel. But I always take Daniela’s side.

The window wasn’t locked, and so Daniela opened it and crawled inside. Then Yunagi and I entered as well. It was…not exactly the same as always. It was a mess. Clothes were strewn all over the floor and empty cups were rolling on the table.

“I guess she was not lying about being busy.”
“Don’t poke the bear.”

As someone who trained with her for two weeks, I honestly wanted to turn around and leave. However, this was an unfair and cruel world. And she was sure to be in a bad moon.

We went through the living room and down the hallway. Then we opened the first sliding door and looked inside. Things were also scattered around here. Some kind of materials. Stuff I didn’t want to touch.
Daniela seemed to feel the same way, and she closed the door quietly. Yunagi opened the door on the opposite side, but there was also no one inside.

“What? Is someone there?”

Rachel’s voice suddenly rang from the other end of the hallway. So she was over there…

“Hey, Rachel. It’s war!”
“What are you on about? I’m busy here.”

And so I explained it to her. That we wanted her to join. And I was willing to beg. Rachel closed her eyes in silence for a moment.

“Indeed, it would be a great boon for you if I joined.”

Then she paused. I sat up straight and waited for her to continue.

“However, this dimension affinity has an effect on you after battle. But if I fight as a wolf, then I am also at risk. Once I am exposed, there will be those who will want to hunt me down.”

While we had a common enemy at the moment, it was possible that she would be considered a threat once it was gone. Hell, the same could probably be said for Daniela and me.

“And so I will limit my power and participate as a magician from the Lambrusen palace. After all, you’re going to call Yasushi too, aren’t you?”
“We mean to. If that is how you can help us, I am more than grateful.”
“I’m with Daniela. We’re just happy that you can join us at all.”

We said with a bow. Rachel snorted in disgust. Tsundere.

“In any case…who is this? An ogre?”
“Ah, yes. My name is Yunagi. It’s nice to meet you.”

She was suddenly acting timid.

“If there is an ogre here, I suppose it means you have the vajra, Asagi?”
“Uh, yeah. I gave it back, though.”
“I see. Yunagi, don’t take this personally. But I wouldn’t use it. It will only be the cause of more war. Just as I cannot fight with my full power.”

It was a cheat item in a way. Controlling the rain. A powerful weapon. It was clear what would happen if it fell into human hands.

“But I must fight for my people…”
“There are many other ways to do that. It is important to fight, but you also have to think about what happens after that.”

Rachel was right. It was easy to fight, but there were other things to consider. It was really a difficult problem. We weren’t some official army with proper roles. We were strays.

“Surely it’s not as if you really want to use it?”
“Of course, not…if it would affect all the other races, then it would be better if we didn’t.”
“Mmm. Well, perhaps there will be a point where it is absolutely necessary. I will leave the decision to you. But don’t do anything that you’ll regret.”
“…I understand. Thank you, Miss Rachel.”
“Stop that. It’s annoying.”

Rachel said, a little bashfully. Yunagi also looked a little embarrassed. I was just glad that this was over.

“Sorry to have bothered you while you were busy. We should be going.”
“Mm. I suppose you’re going to Erediares next.”
“Yeah. Erediares. Isn’t that where you were born, Rachel?”
“Not there. But well, close enough.”

A snowy country. I had had enough of the cold during the icesnow phase, but we were going back. I dreaded getting sick.

I didn’t want to go, but I had to. In any case, it was time. And so I got up to my feet. Rachel stood up as well as if she were going to see us off.

“We have to go now. And reserve space on a ship.”
“And I have to gather the others…”
“I will help you ogres when it comes to travel. There is a good place near the misty hills.”

Was there? It was close to Fhiraldo…

“Don’t tell me you’re sending them to Fhiraldo?”
“No, a town would be a bad idea. But there is an elven ruin near it. That should be good enough.”
“Ah, right. That will be safe.”

The place that I had first met Beowulf and fought him with Daniela. It was away from the road, so no one would be in the area.

“Alright then. You follow Rachel’s instructions, Yunagi. We’ll go on ahead.”
“I will call you when the time is close. I know the place.”
“Very well. We’ll prepare and then go to the ruins. Don’t take too long.”

Now it was perfect. The ogres would wait at the ruins. Daniela and I would take a ship to Erediares. Then meet up with Manager and acquire the key before going down south. After that, it was the royal capital of the Lambrusen Republic, Soul Soleil, so we could bring Matsumoto into the plan. Then we go to the misty hills.

…Still, why was it called a royal capital if it’s a republic? Apparently, there was a king. I guess I would have to ask Matsumoto about it.

“Goodbye, Rachel. We leave the rest to you. We’re counting on you.”
“Mm. I know. Now get out.”

She said as she slammed her foot into my back. It actually hurt.

I had had enough of this, and wanted to leave as soon as possible. We might miss our ship if we didn’t hurry.

And so we rushed to the living room and opened the window.

“Alright. See you.”
“Thank you for everything.”
“Mm. …Hehe.”

She was grinning at us. It was creepy…and curious.

“Hey, Asagi. Let go of…aaaahhhh!!”

As soon as we were out of the window, we fell into the sky. I had been so surprised that I grabbed Daniela’s hand, which resulted in me pulling her out with me. I could see Rachel leaning out of the window and laughing. The hateful face was burned into my mind just before I lost consciousness.

When I awoke, Daniela and I were lying in the snow.

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